Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Corporate Banking Analyst

Kathryn Larin I work in corporate banking and it’s a very exciting place to be working. We provide large financings to very large companies. I am the analyst there. I assist in preparing client pictures, producing research reports, as well as, doing technical analysis for the team. I really enjoy working on very innovative transactions […]

PCSE Online Ophthalmic Payment Service

I’m Stewart Mitchell. I’ve been an optometrist for over 30 years. we’ve been using PCSE Online for approximately three months. The setup’s easy. We’ve gone down the route of using a touchscreen laptop. I didn’t buy new, it was relatively inexpensive. It works for us The software is actually very easy to use. All the […]

The 12 Rupees Boy | The Roadside Ustaad | Being Indian

Hi I am Ayushman from Being Indian Few days back we did a social experiment with Sonu Nigam, where he dresses up like a beggar and goes to the streets of Mumbai, just to find out how many people will respond to his music If you would have noticed, in that video, there was this […]

Cussly’s Politeness – ChuChuTV Storytime Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids

ChuChu and ChaCha were always very polite. They always spoke kindly to the workers in the house. Good morning Good morning kids. Thank you for making our garden so beautiful. You are welcome But Cussly was always very rude. Hey, you! Get out of my way! You… you’re so stinky. Leave the garden! Now! You! […]

Starling Bank: How to Nurture an Innovative Culture in Banking

My name is Jason Maude and I am from Starling Bank, and I am Starling Bank’s Chief Technology Advocate and what that means is I go around and talk about the technology behind the bank. How it works and our technology culture as well which I will be talking to you about a lot today. […]

Social Media for actors – How to get more likes and followers

Are you tired of hearing crickets every time you post on social media? I’ve got your solution. In today’s video, I break down my proven three step formula for creating awesome posts, that people just have to double tap. If you’re new here, I’m Heidi Dean, and I teach you how to rock your social […]

First Time Home Buyer Programs

I’m going to tell you about a first-time home buyer loan program that you don’t want to miss. I’m Sean Dezahd, Broker Associate of Keller Williams Realty / the California Homes Group in beautiful Orange County, California. Now the Mortgage Credit Certificate Program is actually used in conjunction with FHA, VA, and conventional financing. So […]

Earn Paypal Money For Receiving Text Messages (2020)

do you have a phone? can you receive text messages on it? and do you have a PayPal account? Well that’s good news for you then because in today’s video I’m gonna share with you how you can earn PayPal money for receiving text messages. What’s going on everyone Attan here and that’s exactly what […]

Swarg Full Movie | Govinda Hindi Movie | Juhi Chawla | Rajesh Khanna Superhit Movie

Madam!! Why are you screaming? You have played this English music so loudly that I have to scream! This music is for exercising How many times have I told you that… Even I have told you that I don’t like your tight clothes and your talks! You are a nice girl belonging to a decent […]