Huawei CEO praises daughter’s year of ‘suffering’

100 thoughts on “Huawei CEO praises daughter’s year of ‘suffering’

  • Its people like this that run countries and influence elections(and influence foreign policy) through the money they posses in business

  • People complaining about Huawei, if you don't have an answer on the following question then you should go do more educating first. Otherwise you are barking at the wrong tree! Can you tell me which part of telecom network Huawei equipment have been actively provisioned? Transport? Access network? CO? Remotes? Last mile? Cell/Mobility?

  • So she may have financial connections to the largest terrorism sponsor in the world, the Iranian government, and this is framed as a personal interest story??? Gaaaaaayyyyyy!!!

  • Military might – built on overwhelming technological superiority over its Third World adversaries – and the ability to print money to fund their insatiable desire for global dominance has fed into its national psyche, turning Washington into a recalcitrant international bully.

    China knows that, and is fully conscious of the continuing and unrelenting US threat on its security and sovereignty. The motivation for the Chinese military strategy is to creat a disproportionate advantage by focusing on the development of superior missile technology as an effective deterrent – sending a clear message that notwithstanding American’s naval superiority, the cost of competition and conflict, is one that the Washington can’t afford.

    For China, the wake up call was the Gulf War in 1990, and the Kosovo War In 1998. They had witnessed how the American used precision cruse missiles to clinically destroy military and civilian targets, including the attack on the Chinese embassy in Kosovo, allegedly by mistake.

    But in the last two and half decades, China’s has been rapidly modernising its military, developed and deployed some of the game changers; such as its state of the arts rocket force.

    In fact, the primary motive of constructing its island military bases – with awesome firepower – in the South China Sea, was a geographically brilliant and strategic move towards that end. The installation on these island military bases of surface-to-surface, anti-ship, and surface-to-air missiles effectively neutralizes US military assets in the Pacific.

    Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum, Admiral Philip Davidson, who oversees U.S. military forces in Asia, called China “the greatest long-term strategic threat to the United States and the rules-based international order.” He described China’s rapid military buildup in nearly every domain – air, sea, land, space, and cyber – and said that while China’s capabilities don’t outnumber America’s in the region for now, it’s possible they could overtake the United States’ within the next five years. Besides, what already gives the Chinese the advantage is geography. This is because if at all there is going to be a war, it is most certainly that it is going to be fought in the Asia-Pacific region, where the American’s military assets become sitting ducks for the Chinese.

    The war, however, is unlikely. Because it is almost certain that it will be a Waterloo for America, and the end of American global dominance.

    Pentagon knows that.

  • The world is tainted with unpleasant memories of America resorting to underhand tactics, including the fabrication of unsubstantiated allegations to justify economic sanctions, or waging wars and annihilation of helpless nations. Deceptive strategies had often been deployed, against both adversaries and allies, premised on the notion that in the interest of America the end will justify the means.

    This guise is best exemplified by Mike Pompeo’s outrageous and disgraceful declaration that, “We lied, we cheated, we stole.”

    Meng Wenzhou’s incident is a case in point. Washington had indeed made poor disguise of its real motivation in using Ms Meng as a “bargaining chip” in its self declared trade war against China.

    Canada was just obsequious and foolish enough to be used as a pawn.

  • Exactly, she’s being catered to meanwhile the Chinese abducted 2 innocent Canadians to torture right now, in retaliation. I hope the extradition isn’t some bs Trump shit.

  • With titles and stories like this genuinely question the patriotism of those as CNN. Here we have someone violating international sanctions regimes and putting the national security of western states into question, and CNN is writing a puff piece about her "suffering".

    She should have been locked up in a jail!

  • Why do I get the feeling that she's doing a hell of a lot better than the two people China detained in retribution? What a weirdly reported and backwards story.

  • All house arrest is shit. If u aint been through it you dont know… not saying the canadian guys don't definitely have it infinitely worse in that dictatorship

  • Huawei CEO did not know anything about the 2 Canadians arrested in China when asked by CNN…Really! Mr. CEO. Lol. We are not in China, so please……..

  • Says his daughter is a pawn exploited for political reasons. Aren't all Chinese companies pawns of the Chinese government? I suggest they all are …

  • She is living in a million dollar home and eating gourmet dinners. She is living better than more than 75% of people living in Vancouver.

  • Suffering? She's under house arrest. Fuck, if I was rich and under house arrest, I would be gaming all day with my millions and enjoying walkouts from time to time to go shopping. Suffering my ass.

  • REMOVE the Electoral College Process – Every VOTE should count in a Presidential Election. This is not a State Issue, it is about Voters Rights and Representation. Boycott NRA who betrayed our country. #45* and Moscow Mitch betrayed our country for money. Fake President, Fake Fear, Real Faith, Real Justice. Grand Old Party is now a Russia bought entity. PartyB4Nation. Let's clean up congress. VOTE2020 for Americans not Putin Puppets. Look where we are today America.

  • That's the problem with China. The Canadians' human rights are being violated while in detention by the Chinese. Contrary to the daughter being "held" for house arrest in her palace. This is why they are fighting in Hong Kong against full Chinese occupation. The Chinese government is unethical and greedy. Their only interest is lining their pockets. They have no real integrity.Everywhere they go they treat people like crap.SMH

  • They fly to Canada to “care” for her? Super rich and healthy CFO requires care taking? Very odd choice of words there CNN

  • The CEO is an IDIOT !!!!!! Suffering ??!!!!! The little POS has been staying in a huge mansion !!!! Corrupt POS bell uses their garbage. Canada IS a shxthole.

  • Hey remember how they just opened up a new massive facility in China for organ harvesting. Anyways, this poor woman and father deserve justice!!!

  • There's no Love in China as far as the government's concern they kill people by the. The CCP needs to die be burned to the ground. the Chinese steal people's tech. They think everyone should share with everyone, that's their mentality. they will happily step on anyone to get to a higher place and never lend a helping hand to those who are down or hurt. United States needs to use the trade war in any means to totally destroy the CCP.

  • The Chinese deserve what coming when you steal from other countries you pay the price and when you steal from other countries you will take responsibility for your action chinese must not do business with china other wise they will asked you to steal american product and when USA police find out you go to jail it will not be USA problem it will be yours for stealing that is a fact just like hu wei are thief.

  • what a joke. she's suffering? The Canadian government has let her out on bail. She is living in her house. She has full access to her legal council. What about the Canadians that China has detained without letting them get council or fair treatment? The conditions of her detention vs Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are complete opposites.

  • Here’s a Summary for those of you who care to
    know the REAL reason why the House of Representatives are calling for impeachment
    of President Trump.

    Hunter Biden is former Vice-President Joe Biden’s son. He is 45 years old with
    a long history of drug abuse. Hunter Biden was kicked out of the military in
    2014 for testing positive for cocaine. Shortly after that he was appointed to
    the board of directors of Burisma, Ukraine’s largest private producer of gas.

    Two weeks before he was appointed, his father the Vice President of the United
    States encouraged Ukrainian leaders to place him on their board. Hunter Biden
    has ZERO experience or knowledge in the gas industry or in the Ukraine. He was
    paid $50,000 a month for his position on the board and a money transfer of 3
    MILLION dollars was made from the Ukraine through Latvia, Cyprus, and finally
    to the US into accounts owned by Hunter Biden.

    The top prosecutor in the Ukraine  was investigating corruption and was
    getting ready to interview Hunter Biden regarding his dealings with Burisma and
    the apparent money laundering of the 3 million dollars. Before hunter Biden
    could be interviewed Joe Biden leaned on the Ukrainian government and
    threatened to withhold over 250 MILLION in US foreign aid unless the prosecutor
    was fired. The prosecutor was fired. The investigation into hunter Biden and
    Burisma ended, the Ukraine got the financial aid.

    Hunter Biden was also involved in a deal with China where his father the Vice
    President was working on US business. This deal netted hunter Biden over 1.5
    BILLION dollars! That story will bust wide open next. I mean what would cause
    China to hand over 1.5 BILLION dollars to a known drug addict who just happens
    to be the son of the Vice-President? Think that through America. It gets

    The Vice-President Joe Biden took his son Hunter on Air Force Two with him to
    China in 2013. Ten DAYS after that trip, the Bank of China signed this deal
    with Hunter Biden’s company for over a 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS!! Some of this money
    went to a company called Henniges who makes very sensitive military
     equipment for the US military.

    Wanna know who else was involved in the China deal as Hunter Biden’s Partners?
    You can’t make this stuff up people! While John Kerry was Secretary of State
    his stepson Chris Heinz and mob boss Whitey Bulger’s nephew Billy Bulger we’re
    partners in the company along with Hunter Biden. Wow right? The sons of the two
    most prominent decision makers in America!! How did that escape scrutiny!!

    Amazing how the media isn’t even a tiny bit interested in this, and how as soon
    as it starts getting reported, they start impeachment proceedings against
    President Trump! They are hoping no one is paying attention, that the American
    people are too stupid, lazy, indifferent, and apathetic to pay attention. Don’t
    be one of those Americans. For goodness sake wake up and start actually
    thinking again instead of letting the media tell you what and when to be
    outraged about. Good grief what has happened to critical thinking?? Do most
    people even know they are merely pawns?

  • Scapegoating one female is absolutely ridiculous. Americans have, has, is and still selling off America for quite some time. A true longentunidal trickling down effect ……………… Thanks ….even our so ignorant greedy appointed government have signed off things that they shouldn't have been. It appears no research done at all. Mines through Canada. That should be investigated…here… Please… Absolutely no common sense anymore. To many rote attorneys I guess in office's and aren't qualified to make decisions on certain topics..

  • Wow a traitor being arrested… all of the executives at huawei should be arrested. This dude cares so little about his own daughter he said "its good for her". They didnt even talk before she was arrested. Im sure all the talking they do now is to keep the spy stuff they did secret.

  • Oh no , poor Meng. I only get to rive in a 13mil house. My servants don't get me dessert. I must go to the kitchen by myself and look in this cold box, I think they call it a fridge. I suffer so mush. Poor little me with my designer clothes and shoes. These bodyguards only let me shop 5 times a week. I suffer. O poor me , I enjoy painting and studying but my servants only buy me primary colors paints. I suffer. Ok maybe I did and maybe I didn't commit fraud but I am rich , like your politicians , I can get away with stealing . You regular people you get thrown in jail for shoplifting at Walmart. Poor me I suffer. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • great huawei is sending whistleblower employee directly to prison, false accuse, and fake accusing document. and Chinese tax payer pay for damage

  • Snapped my Huawei 9 in half after 3 weeks really , No way to block the selfie camera and no way to stop it from communicating that and other personal information back to Huawei. And im not talking about statistics for the operation of the phone , im talking your personal information , banking etc ..

  • But the Canadians detained in response to this are in cells with 24 hours of light, and I think they are only allowed 4 hours per week to read. A little tougher than her situation.

  • Communist Canada will never hand her over to the usa ..Trudeau is china's paid for dog and to think all those killed soldiers fighting against communism…The only thing missing in Canada is china's flag with this present prime minister…almost everything for sale in canada is made in CHINA …..

  • Since 2015, and even as early as 2011, Governments around the world have been taking Financial Hostages- The Dark Side of Technology. How can one separate War from it's tools? We showed how – Arms Control Agreements. Yes, that's VLADS sin.

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