Zero-cost transaction DLT platform

Today, banking systems work very well with double digit amounts. What about micro payments? A micro payments is a 3 trillion dollar market. Billon, we are a white label blockchain platform for any Financial Institution, that lets you address this underserved market and allows banks to mint regulated money and offer payment of any value.

Use Your Tax Refund For House Down Payment!

Hi! Tino Martinez here at PrimeLending. Tthis time of year is an exciting one…the energy is high, and the vibes are all positive; after all, it’s a new year, a fresh start, and new goals for many. And let’s face it, many are excited about getting their tax refund. And some might see it as […]

What Do You Do When Your Bank Declares You Dead? – Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

Yes. (clears throat) (breathless) Hi. Hello. I would love to… cash this… here check. Okay. If I may? Thank you. Name on the account, please. Yes, it’s Nora, N-O-R-A, no “H.” (both chuckling) Lin, L-I-N. Nora Lin, Forley Road, Elmhurst? That is correct, yes. It says here you’re dead. Sorry, what?! The bank automatically closes […]

Cashless Society in Japan – Modern Convenience or Orwellian Nightmare

It is no secret Japan is trying to become a cashless society For the past year, I have heard the word “cashless society” in countless discussions and debates A country that is striving to become a cashless society will try to decrease the amount paid in banknotes and encourage transactions that are done electronically There […]