Stranger Paid Our Bill!?

Stranger Paid Our Bill!?

– [Isaiah] Oo, girl. Those shoes and that shirt? I’m gonna get the fashion police on you. What are you doing? Can’t even start the vlog. Look, Summer. (Abbie humming happily) I don’t even know what to do. I’m just gonna keep talking
until it fixes itself. What’s up guys, welcome back to the vlog. Summer, Abbie and I are on our way to pick up Maverick and
she’s gonna leave in an hour. And we’re super sad. We’re gonna make the
best of the time we got and go probably get Duncan as well. – Okay. – Okay, let’s do it. – [Summer] Hi, Maverick! Hi. Oh, my goodness. – [Isaiah] So excited, c’mon. Time in the car, dude.
– Let’s go see your girl. Abbie, look who it is! – [Isaiah] Look at you guys. Abbie, there’s someone here. He’s trying to take your friend. – [Priscilla] Hi. – [Phil] All we’re gonna do is sit. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Isaiah] He’s trying to
take your friend Abbie. Can you came say hi? She’s like, “What are you doing here?” – [Priscilla] C’mon. – [Phil] Need a hand? – You say hi?
– Californ-I-A. – Say hi.
– You say hey? Here we go Maverick, come here buddy. Maverick, don’t you dare. A dog over there, c’mon. C’mon, man. Come on buddy. – [Phil] Picked up Mav? – Yeah, we did.
– Maverick, Top Gun. – [Isaiah] Right? C’mon bud. Phil’s here.
(Abbie sounds out) Means it’s about to get sad. He’s picking up Summer. – [Isaiah] Started tearin’ up in my car. – Tears are comin’. (Abbie softly murmuring) – [Asa] Ab. – [Summer] Another dog
that gets to see me cryin’. – [Asa] Ab, your friend
is leaving soon, okay. She’s gonna be leaving soon. – [Isaiah] Somebody needs to
start making that compilation. The time Summer cried. – [Phil] Is that a set up? – [Isaiah] Uh-oh. She’s like sleeping in distress. It’s what she looks like. Oh, my goodness. Poor thing. She’s wore out after a long trip. – [Priscilla] Look at this guy is too? – He’s wore out?
(Summer mumbles) Just give her a kiss. It’ll be OK. – [Isaiah] It’s a really
hard thing to understand. – [Asa] And she won’t be upset. – [Summer] Sorry. I Love you. Have so much fun at camp, okay. – [Asa] (laughs) She ain’t waking up. – [Summer] Thank you
so much for everything. – Thank you. – Oh, my goodness that was so much fun. – [Priscilla] Good and
we enjoyed having you. – [Phil] Thank you. Oh, I’m sorry. (laughing) – No problem. It was fun. – Yeah, you guys have so much fun at camp. – [Isaiah] Don’t call me
buddy, we talked about that. [Asa] Thanks for taking care of our girl. – [Priscilla] Thanks for
coming all the way down. I didn’t expect, or up. – It’s all good, man. No worries. – [Asa] Nah, we didn’t mind driving. – It was funny ’cause
I got up this morning, I was the only one awake
and then Summer came down and she’s talking to me and I’m like, “Oh, Phil’s already on his way?” Like, they’re not even awake yet. – [Summer] Well, he text me at like 11. – [Phil] It’s my first time in Jacks and I only been here for the one. I only stayed an hour. – [Asa] It’s your first time in Jax? – Yeah.
– Period? Ever? Wow. – Yeah, he’s never been. – Drove by it. – [Isaiah] You should
come visit more often. When we move into the new house you can come hang out. – Yeah, I wasn’t gonna come visit you in this house,
I want the new house. (laughter) – Your daughter’s here a lot of the time. – [Priscilla] Get her stupid suitcase. – [Isaiah] It’s so dumb. – [Asa] The suitcase is so bad. – Oh, I totally see that. – [Asa] It falls over constantly. – It’s like okay, here,
let me get my passport out and it just topples over. – You know how mad I was (mumbles) What is that?
(Priscilla laughing) She goes, “I like it.” – It’s like those Weeble Wobbles. – Sounds perfect. – [Isaiah] A weeble and a
wobble but it won’t fall down. – Who designed this? Don’t ever buy a Lucas Travel… – You’re just dragging it.
– Definitely not sponsored. 100%! – [Summer] You gotta unlock all of those. – [Isaiah] Top top. – Oh, Jeez. I have never been here. – Welcome to the Maass household. – [Isaiah] He’s like, “I know
everything from the vlogs.” – [Priscilla] You wanna
take some boxes with you? – [Phil You can clean all this up by the time I get back, okay? (laughter) – [Priscilla] Y’all drive safe. This will be your last time at this house. – That’s exciting. – [Asa] Hopefully. – [Summer] Tanktop’s having a party. – [Phil] Yeah, this guys got some beers going over here. – [Summer] It’s your people. – [Phil] Well, I’m gonna
have a couple beers before I leave. – [Isaiah] Summer, you’re driving. – [Asa] Bye, Dude. – [Phil] I’ll make sure
I’ll come see you there. Thanks for taking care of my kid, okay. – [Asa] Thanks for letting us have her. – [Phil] No worries, thank you. – [Asa] I know your time is limited during the summer so we appreciate it. – Yep, no worries.
– So long. – Get out of here and
go back to (mumbles). – [Summer] Oh, wow! That’s rude. (laugher) – [Asa] Bye, Summer. – [Phil] Talk to you soon. Keep in touch. – Abbie’s up. She just had some lunch some barbecue. Priscilla’s mom brought
barbecue over for us last night before we got home so that we would have that in the fridge so that we would have something
to eat when we got here ’cause we got here late. But it’s been good
because we kinds all feel, well we feel how we look right now. Which, pretty much. Priscilla, you have the
best job ever though. She is working in that position (laughter) That’s how we feel. This jet-lag is real you guys. And it was such a long 10 days. I mean, it was fantastic but Abbie slept for three hours, I think? I don’t know that she understands
that Summer’s gone yet. Like she hasn’t realized it, maybe? She didn’t even wake up when
Summer was saying goodbye but that’s the hard thing, you know. Not knowing what she understands
and what she doesn’t. Hey bro. You had fun. We should have had them give you a bath ’cause you smell terrible. I’m sorry. You wanna take a bath?
– It’s so bad. Do you wanna take a bath? He’s not even wagging. He knows. Priscilla was 15th in the company. They just had their, what’s it called? Palooza? – Yeah, it’s called LimeLife Palooza. – LimeLife Palooza. – In Denver, Colorado. So, I was 15th in the Company
for sales for this year and 16th for top and rollers. So, thank you. – You the man. Wo-man.
– I’m so excited. Alright, bud. Hooey! You’re stinky! – Oh, Yeah doesn’t that feel amazing? – [Priscilla] That has to feel good. – [Phil] After this, I’m
gonna take a bath too. I’m not a huge fan. I’d rather just skim
’em but you know what, we have to stay clean. (laugher) – [Priscilla] Oh, my goodness. – He just hates baths, you know. – [Priscilla] Yep. That’s a really good shampoo. – Yeah, Oster? Animal naturals or oatmeal naturals – [Priscilla] Yeah, it’s
really good for his skin. Good boy, Maverick. You’re doin’ so good. – [Asa] Woooo! All clean. All clean, mom. Okay. Shake it loose. Oh, you look pitiful. Go ahead. Yeah! (laughter) – [Priscilla] Here’s a towel. – [Asa] All done. – [Priscilla] You went to the spot Come here! (laughter) You’re shaking all goofy. – [Asa] Oh, my goodness. – [Isaiah] He’s shaking. His legs are all. – [Priscilla] Are you good? Come here, let me dry you off. – [Isaiah] Stop. – [Priscilla] He’s okay. – You got a whole towel right here. He’s like, “I’m gonna use the carpet.” – [Priscilla] Oo, it’s slippery. – [Isaiah] Hang in there. He’s hanging, dude. (laughter) – [Asa] Gotta dry off. Every inch. Of course, we get ready
to walk out the door and it’s pouring rain. Wanna get something to eat, Ab? Want some rice and chicken
and stuff like that? Get some sushi for me and mom? We’re still on California time. It is 8:30. – I learned I can do sushi and you tell me they’re
no rice or little rice and then I can take a little bit out and I can have a couple pieces. So it works out good. (restaurant noise)
You okay? I never realized how
loud these places are. I don’t know. All of a sudden, I’m like,
“It’s super loud in here.” – [Isaiah] I think because
normally when we come here (restaurant drowns speech)
– Yeah, that’s true. – [Asa] She’s doing good though. A few yells but she’s doing okay. She uses the yells to regulate. You’re doing okay, huh? You alright? And we’re talking about she
requests to use the bathroom like as soon as we got in here. – Yeah, so I’m like why
does she always request to go to the bathroom? But Asa brought up a good point that it’s calm in the bathroom. It’s a lot quieter and she
knows what’s going there. So that make sense. – [Asa] There’s like an
expected certain events that occur in there
that she’s familiar with and she’s comfortable. – Plus she likes the hand-dryer a lot. – [Asa] That too. – Some days, not all the time. (clapping and singing) – [Phil] They’re clapping and singing. You can hear ’em. (Abbie sounds out) – [Priscilla] Don’t yell, okay? – [Asa] Doing good. – [Priscilla] Why don’t
you open your straw? Can you open this? Ab – [Asa] Hey look here. – [Priscilla] Can you open your straw and put it in your drink? – [Isaiah] She doesn’t know
how to eat with that spoon. – [Asa] Are you much better now? It’s pouring. Okay, this spoon won’t work for her. It’s just pouring down
the length of the spoon back into her hand because she doesn’t (laughter) – [Priscilla] She’s like,
“I don’t want that.” – [Asa] Of course, then you never know when it’s gonna be real or not. If she really has to go. There are amazing people everywhere. Do you want to tell the story? or do you want me to tell the story? – You can tell it. – [Asa] Okay. The guys at the table next to us they were kinda watching the whole time while Abbie was yelling and stuff. She’s been doing a lot of it and they just felt inclined
to pay our bill for dinner. He just walked over and tapped
Prescilla on the shoulder and said, “Your bill’s been paid.” Wow! – Everybody else was staring at us. – [Asa] Abbie, wasn’t that sweet? Do you love it? – [Isaiah] I don’t care who pays for it I love this Mochi-Ville. – [Asa] You gonna sing Happy Birthday, Ab? (drumming and singing to Happy Birthday) – [Isaiah] What’s that going over there? You wanna be closer to the action. – [Asa] I’m going. Go over there. It’s like, “I’m going.” “They probably have cake.” “I’m going over there.” You stood up and everything.
– Sit down, sit down. We’re going, okay? – [Asa] Are you ready to go? Yeah, we can go. What were you saying just now? – I feel like the more
we get out and do things, the more accepting people are becoming. – And you find out so it’s easy, Abbie, come here, come here, come here. It’s easy to think like the world is a crap place you know, because the stuff you see
on the news and everything but when you get out and you
interact with other people you realize it’s really not. I believe that people are,
at the core, mostly good. The majority of our population,
like the world population not just our country and the same thing, like people talk trash
about America all the time. There’s some really good people here. – Yeah there really are. – I mean we travel all over the country, we don’t even leave the
country and I can tell you we found some amazing people here. Come here. – So, if you’re that person, that family that paid, thank you. That meant the world to us. – [Asa] That meant so much. – And it’s not the money
part, it’s just the gesture. – [Asa] Yeah, it was a thumbs up. – Yeah, like we see what
you’re going through and dinner’s on us. – Maybe they thought
we were just trying to go out as a family and we never do that? I don’t know. I don’t know why but it meant a lot to us. Abigail – [Priscilla] Just be good to each other. – [Asa] You know what? You bring out the best
in people, you know that? (car door beeping) (shrieks and laughter) – [Asa] Exactly! – [Priscilla] Oh, my gosh. Look at him go! – [Asa] He’s in the crack,
don’t shut the door. Stop moving the door. Let go of the door. He’s on the door. Now he’s inside. I don’t wanna crush him. Come on. – [Isaiah] Oh my God! He’s on the wall. You ain’t paying rent. – [Asa] We gotta get him outside. Palm him. Just put your hand over and
see if he jumps in your hand. – [Isaiah] Hey, no. Go on. (shrieks) – [Asa] Palm him so he
doesn’t jump on the floor. It’s a long jump for him
’cause it’s a hard floor. Palm it! Come on. Just put your hand over it. There you go. Now scoop. (laughter) – [Isaiah] I’m sorry. (laughing) That was so stupid. That was on video. – [Asa] That was a fun
noise that you made there. Come here, little guy. Come on. I got him! Oh, he’s on the door. – [Isaiah] He’s jumping all about. – [Asa] You’re a jumpy little guy. Shoo him, Shoo him. They dry up in the house so quick. There we go, right. Just walk away, shut the door. – [Isaiah] Scoot. Bye friend. Don’t put that in the video
where I went (goofy laugh) – [Phil] I totally won’t. – I think he is. Did we just watch that
clip where you put it in? – [Asa] we did. – Oh, gosh. – [Asa] Okay, we got a
whole bunch of Ziplocs. We’re gonna show ’em how
we pack tomorrow, babe? – Yep. – So, packing video we
did one like two years ago is the last time we did one I think? Yeah, I think so. Where we actually showed you
guys how we pack for camp. A few things have changed. We got some awesome ideas
for you guys for packing and it’s not just for camp. This is going to be for any child. Doesn’t have to have
Autism or Special Needs but it’s some great ideas
you guys are gonna like. It could be used for like going over to grandma and grandpa’s for
a weekend or whatever. To make things super easy for whoever is caring for your child while
they’re away from home. So, make sure you check out that video. That’ll be up in the next few
days, we’ll have that posted. – [Isaiah] Even if you’re
just going to daycare. – Daycare? – Daycare. Like, you know, you gotta pack things up in a little backpack. Summer school, whatever you
got going on put ’em in there. – [Asa] Sure. It would be an intense daycare with the style of packing that we do. What do you have? – Business cards. – [Asa] (gasp) Let me see. – You gotta flash it real fast. It has of my information on it. – [Asa] Does it? Okay. Look at that. Independent Lead, focus, focus. Independent Lead Beauty Guide. How cool are you? – Right? – You are fancy. I love the two-sided. – [Isaiah] My favorite
part is that you said, “Flash it real fast” as though
they can’t pause the video. (laughter) – [Asa] Abbie, are you
so ready to go to camp? Your brother’s gonna be there with you. Isn’t that exciting?
(Abbie sounds gently) Did we talk about that? That you got called back? – I think so. – [Asa] Isaiah got called back so he’s number one on the list for getting called back to camp. So they called him back
to work the same week that Abbie’s gonna be there. We’re not gonna have children for a week. – We did mention that he was gonna go to El
Salvador to see Stephen but that trip has been
postponed until a later date. – So either we’re going hopefully during Christmas break or probably isn’t gonna happen very soon. One of those two. – We’ll keep you guys
updated, posted on that. You so excited to go to camp? Are you ready? It’s gonna be so much fun. You say bye to everybody? Bye. – Bye.
– Wanna close it out? (beeping) – Holy crap. – I’m like speechless. I don’t even know what to say. Thank you guys. I’m like emotional. 300,000 people. That’s a lot of family members. – [Asa] Yeah, we have a big family. – We do. Thank you ModSquad. I don’t even know what to say. – [Asa] I don’t either. I’m in here editing this
super emotional vlog and then David text me that we had 300,000 and I’m just like, I’m a mess. You don’t even have a nightstand anymore because your drinks are on the bed. – (laughing) So my drink’s on the bed. – [Phil] Our life’s a mess right now. Congratulations. – Thank you. Congratulations. – I Love you.
– Love you. – [Asa] So proud of us. – I am too. – Goodnight.
– Goodnight. – [Asa] Hey. – Yes. – [Asa] Thanks, you know. You know, thanks. For being along for the ride. – Or more importantly, thanks to you. I’m pointing at camera. – [Asa] Good work. Congratulations.

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  • I am your fan of Bali Indonesia, I always wait and watch the latest videos, the content always keeps us entertained, also learns patience and gratitude, behind the shortcomings of an autistic child, surely he also has many advantages, making us perfect must learn at those who have flaws, greetings from the Indonesian autism community …

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  • Could you please explain why you use the term “regulate”? I ask because this isn’t an aba term as “regulating” is not an observable behavior.

    I’ve asked you this a few times before but wanted to check in again. Curious to hear your thoughts!!!! Thanks u love u guys

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  • I recently saw a TEDTalk about a device called AlterEgo. During the presentation they had a demonstration of someone wearing it and being asked questions. It showed on screen how the wearer processed that question (in words) and I emailed them immediately asking if they would ever consider adapting to to help families with special needs kids to understand their kids.
    I haven’t hear back, but if you are interested and reach out maybe you would have better luck with the impact you have?

  • You are absolutely right that people are generally nice, even if it is hard to see it sometimes. I shared your Goally video to a few friends and were in love with the product… One of them (Autistic himself) owns a computer repair shop and donates computers to autistic children and Goally sent him a few to try out and donate to children in my area. That video was also shared in a local Facebook group for persons with disabilities that I am in. We do a lot of advocating and civil rights stuff. I am not the only follower in that group, so look us up if you come to Boston, MA… ACCESS: Advancing Community inClusion & Equality on the South Shore!

  • what amazing people! my family has a special needs child in it too, my older brother has high functioning autism, and a couple of times that we have gone to lunch or dinner with him someone has payed our bill. <3

  • 1. Abbie should be wearing ear defenders and not just having to put up with the noise in the restaurant, and 2. you shouldn't be tapping her, making physical contact whilst she's in the restaurant like that because you're adding more sensory input (i'm autistic so I know first hand how it feels to be sitting in a loud environment) I'm on the high functioning, verbal end of the spectrum and if it's really difficult for me, then it's gonna be 10x more difficult for someone who's on the lower end of the spectrum and who is non verbal. I'm not saying this to be mean, that's not my intentions at all, but I just think you should know by now that you need to put ear defenders on her in super loud places and to not add more sensory input, it's really hard to live with an autistic person, i do know that, but surely you can just put ear defenders on your kid, it makes the world of difference!! Again, this comment is not intentionally mean.

  • Dear friends please forgive me I haven’t been on at all this summer I am amazed I had sepsis as well as the surgery done and I am three weeks ago I fell again at the house and burst fractured my L4 vertebrae so I had to have emergency surgery for that and I was in trauma unit but I’m OK I’d appreciate y’all‘s prayers all of my lumbar section of my spine now either has metal or Seamit I love you guys though and the new house is beautiful congratulations so you guys are still in Jackson I bet you miss the old house already. My mom really enjoys watching your all’s videos and seeing how Abby is progressing..

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  • When Asa is like: "Abbie isn't that sweet??" Abbie is such a typical teenager her look screams "ugh dad, let me eat my food"

  • Thanks for allowing me to see another form of Autism. My daughter has High Functioning Autism with OCD. Sometimes I get frustrated with her, but then I see how amazing you guys are with Abbie. How much patience you have and I realize I am not alone! Bless you both so much. BTW I use to live in Jacksonville Florida, Duval County. I moved to NJ to be closer to my family. I am thinking about moving back to Jacksonville, they have my daughter in a public school. She’s a straight A student with a one on one A buy honestly she needs a school that specializes in ASD. She’s like Abbie in ALOT of ways. Hates loud music, noises, the Birthday Song kills her, she rocks, hits herself when she gets mad. The school Abbie goes to is that one of the best in Jacksonville?

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    I was a dog groomer.
    He's such a handsome boy!!

  • You guys are inspirational…what a lovely thing to do ..that person who paid your bill was so kind but in my experience there are way more kind people in the world than awful people … and they’re usually just normal , kind everyday people who also have their own trials and tribulations, so they get it .

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  • There are some communities that are formed from people who are not compassionate and don't want to be understanding. (Mostly in and around retirement communities and 55+ communities)

    My aunt bought a home near a retirement community and had been asked to leave several places. All because she had kids. My cousins had no behavioral problems or abnormalities. But most of the businesses and churches catered to those communities and had decided to shun everyone else.

    Generally, most people and communities are understanding. But there are a very few who lack knowledge and understanding and causes a problem.

  • Abby is a blessing to many, even people that she doesn’t know. Thank you Abby for being you—such a sweetheart with a beautiful smile 😊

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