Huawei NO REEMBOLSARÁ todas las compras | El Recuento

Today in “El Recuento”: The Mexican soccer team won the Gold Cup so Huawei must give money back! I tell you who receive it. Moreover, a new app on Google Play Store fooled a lot of people. Apple must refund Samsung 683 millions of dollars. In other news, Xiaomi used an Apple commercial in its […]


what’s up guys welcome back to another call of duty modern warfare video and today’s video I will be showing you guys how you guys can get a free doritos watch, a free calling card and a free weapon charm within call of duty modern warfare multiplayer. So before we get started I want to […]

How to load or top up Garena shells and convert to Point Blank cash via launcher.

How to load / top up garena shells and convert to Point blank cash Log in to your Garena account click the shell icon in the upper right corner Click the shell icon to top up Click Garena Prepaid card Input your prepaid card pin Once successful you’ll see the details at the lower right […]

1v1 Tournament Returns | All-Star 2019 – League of Legends

[1v1 Tournament] This could be Pabu winning it! Caps finish him off! Right now he can get that kill! One more auto will do it! And Caps is the 1v1 champion! [Start the Party] [December 5-7] [Las Vegas, NV] []

How to top up and convert Garena shells

How to Top up and convert Garena shells to Point blank cash Go to and log in your account Click top up and anther windows will appear Choose the Shell icon The window will prompt you to input your Garena prepaid card password Click to back to home page From the Home page click […]

Grace Molony on the red carpet | Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2019

You’re on the Emerging Talent shortlist tonight with a phenomenal range of actors and actresses. How does it feel? It’s just so surreal, this whole event, being dressed up in beautiful clothes and being on the shortlist – it’s – I never ever thought I’d be at an event like this never mind being actually […]

How To Save Money On Groceries – 5 Best Grocery Cash Back Apps For 2019 & 2020

Today I’m gonna share with you five grocery saving apps that is gonna save you tons of money on your groceries every single month. Hi I’m Amanda van der Gulik, from and I help you save money and earn money doing the things that you love to do. If that sounds like something you’re […]


alright looks like it’s time to rob this Bank Jake Jake you have to look at your phone right now there’s a guy robbing a bank and he looks just like whoa slow down what’s what’s going on pull it up on your phone click if you’re seeing someone extremely handsome right now is live […]

I Bought a Box of Amazon Customer Returns & It Was a Scam (Amazon Returns Pallet Unboxing)

– All right, so I’ve seen these videos online where people buy like job lots, like massive pallets of Amazon returns. You know I enjoy doing these unboxing videos. They’re so much fun. I really like it, so I want in on the action. I wanna buy one, and I want to unbox it here […]

Student Overdrafts – Comparing Student Accounts | SaveWithElvs

Hey guys, so welcome, welcome welcome to my channel if you’re a uni student or you’re starting up in In September or the next coming weeks and you’re a bit unsure about which bank account to open I have just completed my third year. I am done. I know I’ve been there I’ve experienced it […]