Where to invest in 2019? | The Economist

2018 was a pretty rotten year for stock market investors. It’s been a fairly long bull market in America, really, since March 2009. What I mean by bull market is share prices have risen pretty steadily without a very big setback, so share prices in America have raced away from pretty much everywhere else. From […]

SIGNS OF U.S.A. ON STREETS OF AFGHANISTAN (Extreme Travel Afghanistan)

Type Afghanistan into Google and see what you find. Bombings… The explosion ripped through a wedding in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing dozens of people in… War… Crisis… These are normally the pictures that come to mind when you hear the name Afghanistan. But are these tragic events really that common? Yes. Tragedy strikes Afghanistan on a […]

Scammer Overdoes it Trying to sound Aussie… Replying to PM’s about Bitcoin Mining @ Blockchain.com

hello mate how are you doing mate Bitcoin mate mate so a random person sends you a private message after you’ve just posted on a crypto related subreddit should you reply to them generally not but let’s give it a go and see what happens if you have already done so hit subscribe and that […]

Best Mops 2020 Review- Silva Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

Best Mops 2020 Review- Silva Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

Honest Government Ad | 2019 Election (Season 1 Finale)

Hello, I’m from the Australien Government with a final message before the election This could be our last ad, unless you re-elect us Which would be surprising. Coz let’s face it, we really have been the biggest pack of mendacious shitlords this nation has ever seen But we also know you have short memories That’s […]

Confetti – Rob A Bank (Lyrics) [CC]

Would I be crazy if I thought the world was fake? A game of simulation aliens play from outer space The players pick their religion that’s what starts the competition Could be stupid cause’ I watch too many movies Maybe work is weighing heavy on my mind Maybe I’m just sick and tired of doing […]

Indian Bank Recruitment Notification 2018– PO, Clerk, CA, Banking jobs by IBPS, Exam dates & results

Hello all, This is Jaseline arora from Freshersworld.com. Welcome to our Video Channel on Jobs & Careers. Today I am bringing you the methods in which you can apply for the Indian Bank “Indian bank is a corporate and retail banking enterprise. Indian Bank recruitment happens for both freshers and experienced candidates. When it comes […]

How to earn Daily $20 Online Work| Best Short link | Copy paste Work 2019 || By Services297

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