PDCflow | Accept Online Payments

PDCflow provides simple, efficient, and secure online payments for your business. With PDCflow’s online payment portal, take payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And it’s included free in the PDCflow payment management system that gives you the freedom to customize it with your branding and corporate identity. And it’s mobile optimized which […]

Epay: How To Process a Transaction (Nodus Online Bill Pay)

Nodus ePay Advantage is an online bill presentment and payment solution. It allows companies to streamline and secure their payment collection process by providing their customers with the convenient access to an online portal. Customers will have the ability to go online to a secure web portal, pay their invoices, and securely pay their outstanding […]

Recurring Invoicing (Nodus Online Bill Pay)

Nodus Recurring Invoicing module provides a zero-touch billing and collectionn process to save time and resources. It promotes subscription business models to automatically generate recurring SOP documents with payment on a predefined, recurring basis. All generated, recurring SOP documents seamlessly integrate back into Microsoft Dynamics GP. Let’s take a look at how Nodus Recurring Invoicing […]

ePay: The Customer Experience (Nodus Online Bill Pay)

In the previous video we’ve shown you how to process an online payment via Nodus ePay portal. In this session, we’re going to show you the other additional capabilities that the user can do with Nodus’ online bill pay product. The first menu on the left-hand side is “Your Account.” Here, the customer has the […]