Private Banking Pathway

So my name is Andrew Jordan. I joined on the 2015 Private Banking Graduate scheme with RBS and in that time I’ve rotated through various departments in our private banking brands and I recently rolled off the programme to be a specialist mortgage advisor. So if I was to give a fellow graduate a reason […]

PDCflow | Accept Online Payments

PDCflow provides simple, efficient, and secure online payments for your business. With PDCflow’s online payment portal, take payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And it’s included free in the PDCflow payment management system that gives you the freedom to customize it with your branding and corporate identity. And it’s mobile optimized which […]

SUTD Ministerial Forum 2018

Professor Chong Tow Chong, President of SUTD, members of the SUTD Board of Trustees, distinguished guests, Professors, students, ladies and gentlemen. Very happy to be back here again. The last time I was last here was in 2015 to open SUTD. Now, three years later, I’m glad to be back to speak to the SUTD […]

Trolls Movie Piggy Bank Game – Learn Colors and Learn Counting with Paw Patrol | Ellie Sparkles

Hi Everyone, our favorite characters from the Trolls Movie are here to play the Romeo Piggy Bank Game. In this game, the Trolls have to give Romeo money and Romeo gives us back a special surprise. We can put red money, green money blue money, or orange money into Romeo’s piggy bank and then we […]

🔥 Get Paid Playing Games Online FREE! (Easy PayPal Money)

This is literally all you have to do to make money playing video games you’re already playing it Why not get paid to do it? This is freaking incredible to remember the one thing I told you to have to do on every one of these websites You have to always go with Welcome back […]

The Courage to Innovate Without Permission

You probably heard I’m an expert in Bitcoin. I want to talk about something else completely: trust. The Dunbar number is defined as the maximum number of people who can be in a community. We see this in nature among other social animals like chimpanzees, wolves, or bonobo monkeys. About 150 members of a community […]

When a laundromat becomes a library

JUDY WOODRUFF: The first five years of a child’s life are a critical time for exposing children to language, words and reading. But studies have shown children in lower-income families often don’t get the same rich literary environment that higher-income children do. Now some groups are trying to help close that gap in unusual places, […]

FanFood for High Schools

We get it. As an AD, You have a hundred things on your plate. From balancing budgets, new equipment, organizing events, gameday needs, the list goes on and on and on . . . and just when you think your Monday is over, you hear fan complaints that the concession stand was complete chaos last […]

Payment history and remittances in online services for providers

ReturnToWorkSA’s online services for providers makes it easy to access payment history and remittances. In fact, ReturnToWorkSA no longer provides this information by mail. In this video I’ll show you how to perform a simple and advanced payment history search, download remittance information as a CSV and reconcile payments. To view payment history go to […]

5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Tax Refund Is Smaller (2019) Attorney, CPA, Professor Steven Melnik

hey everyone this is Steven Melnik and welcome to Happiness Amplified Q&A asking for advice on the Internet can be a mixed bag you never know who’s answering you Steve Melnik has spent over 20 years as a lawyer professor CPA and success coach and now he’s here to answer your questions this question comes […]