World Bank projects global growth of 2.5% in 2020

falling the weakest growth last year since the 2008-2009 global financial crisis the World Bank says the global economy is poised for a modest rebound this year but that it will still be fragile and vulnerable to uncertainties our Kim Hanul reports the World Bank forecasts global economic growth to hits 2.5 percent this year […]

Korean smartphone makers to provide free repairs for two years starting in 2020

Korean smartphone makers have decided to extend their warranties for free repairs from one year to two years for their local customers according to reports citing industry sources that’s effective for newly bought phones starting New Year’s Day if a phone cannot be repaired then it’ll be replaced or the customer will get a refund […]

BOK chief says bank to keep monetary easing policy in 2020

the head of South Korea’s central bank says the bank will stick with its accommodative monetary policy in the coming year in a New Year’s speech on Tuesday Bank of Korea governor IgE said inflationary pressure on the demand side is expected to remain weak in 2020 in order to use monetary policy effectively and […]

Korean online retailer plans to accept payment in cryptocurrencies

A major local online shopping mall and one of South Korea’s biggest currency exchange are joining forces to develop a system that would allow purchases using crypto-currency. Although not an entirely new concept…, it is still foreign to many in the nation. Lee Jeong-yeon provides a closer look. A major project is underway in South […]

U.S. and China disagree over draft resolution calling for easing of N. Korea sanctions

earlier this week Beijing and Moscow submitted a draft resolution to the UNSC asking for sanctions relief or easing of sanctions for Pyongyang US senators argued such a move is completely wrong while China’s Vice foreign minister emphasized it’s the most appropriate way to solve issues on the Korean Peninsula hwa-jung he has the details […]

S. Korea’s GDP to grow 2.0% in 2019, 2.3% in 2020; Bank of Korea freezes key interest…

the nation’s central bank cut growth projection for this or in next meanwhile that’s widely expected the BOK decided to keep interest rates steady eun-jung mean El busto beyond the digits amid slowing exports and investment the Bank of Korea revised downward the country’s GDP growth to two percent for this year from its earlier […]

Bank of Korea keeps key interest rate unchanged at 1.25% in November

the Bank of Korea has left its key rate steady while so announcing its downward revision for this year’s growth forecast to two percent from its earlier prediction of 2.2% are you so mean explains at its final monetary policy board meeting of 2019 the Bank of Korea on Friday kept its benchmark interest rate […]

S. Korea ranks 36th among 58 countries for ease of women to run business, U.S. tops list

South Korea has been ranked the 36th best place among 58 countries for women to run a business MasterCard says South Korea scored 50 out of 100 and its index of women entrepreneurs that evaluates the business environment for female owners in countries around the world now the three categories of evaluation are women’s advancement […]

S. Korean Go master Lee Se-dol retires after legendary 24-year career

now well famous South Korean go master he said dole has retired ending a legendary career spanning 24 years he’s not only famous Ries kill and dominance against regular human beings but also for securing an astonishing victory against Google’s artificial intelligence program alphago back in 2016 kim hyusun reports south korean go master is […]

Changes consumers can expect after Kakao becomes top shareholder of internet bank Kakao Bank

kakao corporation the operator of South Korea’s dominant mobile messenger app continues to grow it is set to become the largest shareholder of Kakao Bank an internet-only operation whom he explains what this change could mean Kakao Corp became the first non-financial entity to become a major shareholder of a bank in this case Kakao […]