What does it mean to go beyond? – Beyond Bank (60 sec)

Well… Mm-hmm What does it mean to go beyond? I think for me it would be to go beyond expectation. Believing in something that’s greater than what you ever imagined. It’s about dreaming and it’s about trying You can’t sit around waiting for stuff you gotta you’ve got to be the one to go beyond. […]

Working at Wells Fargo – Community Banking careers

[MUSIC PLAYING] Community banking is an incredible place to be just for the simple fact that you get to be in so many different situations every single day. It provides products and services all the way from your simple Checking/Savings accounts all the way up to big businesses, getting people to where they need to […]

Checking and Savings 101 – (Bank Accounts 1/2)

Meet Carlos. Carlos is a rising freshman at State University. Carlos will be arriving on campus in a month, and has quite a list of things he needs to buy: books, laundry baskets, food, and so on. Sadly for Carlos, those items also require money, so he’ll need to open a bank account that he […]

What’s wrong with the money multiplier? – Banking 101 (Part 2 of 6)

PART 2: WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE TEXTBOOK MULTIPLIER MODEL? We’ve seen the two main ideas that the general public have about the way banks work. Both of them are wrong. That’s not too surprising, after all, unlike the Positive Money team most people don’t spend their time obsessing about how banks work. And banking is […]

A conversation with Lazaros Papagaryfallou, General Manager & CFO at Alpha Bank

Good afternoon from the Singularity Summit offices in Athens. We have the pleasure and honor to have here with us Mr Lazaros Papagaryfalllou General Manager and CFO, Alpha Bank for a productive conversation. Mr Papagaryfallou, welcome. Good afternoon Ms Siropoulou. It is a great pleasure to have you with us here today, and to have […]

Digital Transformation at Bendigo Bank

[MUSIC PLAYING] Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is a full-service retail bank. We operate in every state across Australia. So our goal as an organization is to be Australia’s most customer-connected bank. Everything that we do has an end-customer goal in mind. And everything we look at makes sure that it’s going to have a positive […]

The $1,000,000,000 North Korean Bank Heist

– [Kento Bento] I’m Kento Bento. This video is made possible by Dashlane. Download Dashlane for free if you never wanna lose another password again at the link in the description. Bangladesh, February 7th, 2016. The director of the Bangladesh Central Bank got off the elevator on the ninth floor and headed to the back […]

Misconceptions around Banking – Banking 101 (Part 1 of 6)

There’s a lot of confusion about how banks work and where money comes from. Very few members of the public really understand it. Economics graduates have a slightly better idea, but many university economics courses still teach a model of banking that hasn’t applied to the real world for decades. The worrying thing is that […]

An average day at the bank turns into the ultimate throwback. #TDThanksYou

Since day one, we’ve been there through some of life’s biggest moments. To say thank you, we turned a trip to the bank into a journey through our years together. So good to see you. You look awesome. Hello, hello. They just didn’t know it yet. Thank you so much for coming in. Yeah! No […]