The Courage to Innovate Without Permission

You probably heard I’m an expert in Bitcoin. I want to talk about something else completely: trust. The Dunbar number is defined as the maximum number of people who can be in a community. We see this in nature among other social animals like chimpanzees, wolves, or bonobo monkeys. About 150 members of a community […]

Money as a System-of-Control

The topic of today’s talk is an interesting property of money that I want to explore with you. I am calling this [talk], “Inside Out: [Money as a System of Control].” Who here wants to tell me what the four primary functions of money are? Anybody? [AUDIENCE] Value exchange? [ANDREAS] Medium of exchange, that is […]

Why do BANKS like BLOCKCHAIN? – VisualPolitik EN

Imagine this situation: you live in London and you wanna buy a house in San Francisco. The house costs 1.3 million dollars… What comes in first? Your payment or the handover of the keys? If you happen to pay first, you might fall into a scam… maybe the house doesn’t really exist or it’s not […]

KCN News: Cashless future with Scrip wallet by NDD

NewDealDesign (NDD) has presented Scrip project – luxurious sci-fi wallet for a cashless future as a provocative solution for electronic payments Scrip. According to the, aesthetic of device was inspired by shape and stamped of Japan’s Tokugawa coinage.

Mercedes Benz Stadium Goes Cashless (Street Interviews)

the mercedes-benz stadium in my hometown of Atlanta became the first Stadium in American sports to become completely cashless this means you can’t buy merchandise you can’t buy concessions you can’t buy a ticket to the game without having a debit card now there is a movement going on across the world and if you’ve […]

What is Consensus: Rules without Rulers

Let’s start with some basic ideas. Who here knows, who is in control of Bitcoin? Who here thinks no one is in control of Bitcoin? This is the fundamental issue at the heart of many of the debates we’re having today; the debates about governance, the debates about scaling. Who is in charge? Bitcoin expresses […]

Cashless society – Pros and Cons of a Cashless Economy

so there’s baby steps before you actually move to a very very casual society and one of these is reducing the bill size so the end of the video I’m going to talk about what my experience has been in countries that have very very low bill value they have high numbers on them but […]

🔥ABELE/BANK Token Wildcard Bonus Rewards🔥

so we’ve got a little surprise for you the winners so three people will be the winners yeah all right we just do it so 200 USD worth of BANK Token This person. So it is, iyas helya. 200. Alright. Who’s next. Oops. Sorry I got two. Let me do it again. Wonkbiz. Alright. We […]

Bitcoin Q&A: From barter to abstract money

[AUDIENCE] I have a two-part question. Both are related to social norms. Before digital currency and before centrally control currencies, people [would] barter, still even today. I see that Bitcoin will perhaps promote more of that barter of services, in exchange for bitcoin. That is one question: is this really nothing but to promote more […]