SML Movie: Jeffy’s Home Alone!

(Jeffy) Hey daddy what doing? Jeffy, what is that? ME Uh! x1 Jeffy… Uh! x2 Wha-what is that? (JEFFY) It’s a voice changer, Daddy. See? Watch. Uh! x3 Hey, Daddy. I stuck my finger in my butt. “Ahh!” You don’t know who’s talking now. Who am I, Daddy? Uh! x4 Jeffy, just p-p– Jeffy, put […]

1 small change can carry the 10 pin more | one of many adjustments that can help you carry better

it's one of the coolest things one of the quickest tips you can learn is how to get rid of a ten then you start leaving a corner pin after corner pin after corner pen most times it's because your balls going a little bit too long so if you watch here this is with […]

How to strike more in bowling | proper entry angle to optimize pin carry

what's up guys junior Raymond back again and I'm gonna talk to you today on a little bit of a debate is it better to hit just the one three five nine with your ball or should your ball split the eight nine let's talk about it here in a minute all right so the […]


today we're gonna drop a bowling ball onto a trampoline from a Swiss dam which is 165 metres high boys beat that's the look Sony dam everyone we're designing welcome what Scott we've done quite a few trampoline videos now but we've never put one together we have the instructions here for the trampoline it […]