Should Government Bail Out Big Banks?

In 2008, America experienced the biggest meltdown of its financial sector since the Great Depression. The conventional wisdom is that this failure and subsequent government rescue, commonly known as “the bailout” was brought about by three decades of bank de-regulation. There were a lot of causes for the meltdown, but deregulation wasn’t one of them. […]

? ? Fractional Reserve Banking vs Full Reserve Banking | How Do They Work?

Fractional Reserve Banking vs. 100% Reserve Banking What is the difference between fractional reserve banking and full reserve banking? How do they work? Do they have advantages and disadvantages? Is one better than the other? We hired a detective to check it out. We gave the detective $1000 to trace what happens to the money […]

7 Insane Ways Americans Waste Money | The Financial Diet

Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth: “Abundance Without Attachment” by Arthur Brooks

(audience chattering) – Good afternoon. Thanks so much for coming my name’s Doug Irwin. I’m a professor in the economics department and co-director of the Political Economy Project and behalf of the Rockefeller Center and the PEP it’s a great pleasure to welcome you to this afternoon’s event. So I’m teaching a class this quarter […]

HANDS OFF MY WALLET: D’Souza reveals solution to tax “fairness” problem

Student: When you think about different countries and progressive and regressive taxes, what are your ideas about countries that have a significantly lower tax rate for capital gains? In other words, people like Steve Jobs who have amazing ideas, how does that play into the unfairness of maybe taxing someone too much if they deserve […]

What if you could legally sell your kidney? | WHAT IF?

Tomorrow at this time, 12 people will die because no one was able to give them a kidney. My personal experience is that I have twice received kidneys from two incredible people. So I’m one of the lucky ones. So I thought, what if we compensated kidney donors? So kidneys in this country, in fact, […]

Cash Slaves: Inside the Dystopian Fetish of Financial Domination

Ich will all dein Geld. Es gibt sicher verschiedene Definitionen, aber im Grunde bedeutet finanzielle Domination, jemanden zu finden, der dein schwer verdientes Geld wert ist. Geld abzugeben ist ein Machtverlust, und sie wollen die Macht abgeben. Während die Unterwelt von BDSM langsam an die Oberfläche des Mainstreams kommt, scheint es einen Kink für fast […]

? How is Wealth Created | Savings and Investments

Imagine a world in which suddenly all the tools disappear. All buildings, cars and machinery, or even basic tools such as knives, hammers and shovels vanish. What would the economy look like if we had to do all the work with our bare hands? This is the situation in which the hero of this story […]

இந்தியப் பொருளாதாரத்தைப் புரிந்துகொள்வது எப்படி? (அறிமுகம்) | Episode 1 | Maridhas Answers