Trolls Movie Piggy Bank Game – Learn Colors and Learn Counting with Paw Patrol | Ellie Sparkles

Hi Everyone, our favorite characters from the Trolls Movie are here to play the Romeo Piggy Bank Game. In this game, the Trolls have to give Romeo money and Romeo gives us back a special surprise. We can put red money, green money blue money, or orange money into Romeo’s piggy bank and then we […]

Jacob Banks – Mercy | A COLORS SHOW

Jacob Banks : Mercy Followed your name, into the wild. Sold you my shame, ran a mile. I sing your lullabies, melodies like a symphony. We walked the same, inside a fire. I just need a little mercy, mercy on me. I could use a little mercy, mercy on me. I drank your holy water, […]

Bank of America – The Power to Be Me (2019 Commercial)

♪ I woke up to the morning sky, first ♪ ♪ Baby blue, just like we rehearsed ♪ ♪ When I get up off this ground ♪ ♪ I’m headed to town, town, town, in style ♪ ♪♪ ♪ With all my favorite colors, yes, sir ♪ ♪ All my favorite colors, right on ♪ […]

Roméo Elvis – 300 (Henri) | A COLORS SHOW

It’s Le Motel and Roméo Elvis. How you gonna do ? I have 300 friends in my phone I have 300 friends in my phone And I have 300 friends in my GSM How do you want to pay ? I don’t take the card nor the checks I don’t take the card nor the […]

Phanteks' Enthoo Accessories – How to Install Phanteks' LED Strip

hi everyone I'm Brian from fantex here to show you an accessory we've designed specifically for our and deluxe these are our internal LED light strips available in one or two meter lengths these strips will be connected to the same controller as the exterior LED lights so your interior and exterior lights will match […]

HOW TO install Phanteks Led Strip in P400

I'm gonna show you how I installed my fantasy RGB lights in the package I have my two meter light strip and you also get a strip to connect RGB to surface the light strip also has building magnets so it sticks to your case first I remove both of my cases side panels then […]


Live – Learn Colors Shapes Numbers for Children Kids Wooden Toys 3D Educational Super Crazy Kids

Bowling Pins Tumbling Toy Set Play 3D – Little Baby Fun Learning Colors for Children Kids Edu

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