Can Your Customers Pay Online???

[Crickets chirping] [Cell phone alarm rings] [A man sighs] [Alarm stops] [♪Upbeat music starts♪] [Sizzling noises, coffee brewing] Woman: “Lewis, finish up your milk.” Woman: “Honey, did you pay the water bill?” Man: “Yeah, of course I did.” [Car door opens, repetitive beeping, door closes] [Key turns in ignition and engine roars] [New music begins […]

NSW Online Registry – Payment Options

Here, you can see any registered credit cards, and your default payment method. You can add up to three registered credit cards at any one time. To add additional cards, click Add card, then enter the card details as prompted. Once added, it will display in the list below. To remove a registered credit card, […]

How to pay HDFC credit card bill using New HDFC mobile app

hi everyone today in this video we will see how you can pay … your Credit Card bill using. new HDFC mobile app so let’s get started. as you can see the interface of new mobile app. i have set up the quick access pin to login so if you want to … do that […]

How to pay electricity bill ? using Paytm (in Hindi) | Pay Light (Current) bill | K Number ?

Subscribe MI Tech n Click on BELL icon n get notification on Smartphone Open Paytm App in your Smartphone Select State and Electricity Board Enter K Number which is Mention in your Paper Bill very Carefully Enter K number Show all Details here Name, K number, Bill Amount Click on Processed to Pay Log in […]

The War on Bitcoin Part I: A Cashless Society

The War on Bitcoin Part I: A Cashless Society “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty not safety.” Wise words from Benjamin Franklin over 200 years ago that shows that even then that he understood exchanging one’s privacy for convenience was only a win for those […]

How to make a credit card payment on Hills Bank Online

♪♪♪ Did you know that you can pay your Hills Bank Credit Card through online banking? Once you’ve logged in, select the Payments/Transfers dropdown and select Credit Card Payment. Select the account you would like to pay from and the card you would like to pay, then enter the amount and the date you would […]