What is Overdraft Privilege? | #AskPelican

Overdraft privilege is a non-contractual service offered by Pelican State Credit Union that allows your account to go overdrawn up to a disclosed limit in order to pay items on your behalf. Eligible checking accounts do come with a standard limit, now what a standard limit is, is though that covers ACH transactions, drafts, reoccurring […]

Heritage Grove Digital Banking

Welcome to the new Heritage Grove digital banking app. Not only does it resemble your online account but, it also shares the same username giving you a unified digital experience. If you haven’t registered yet don’t worry you can do it right from the app by clicking on sign up now. When you first log […]

SCU Overdraft Protection

State Credit Union presents an explanation of available balance. You’re out and about. You use your debit card when you stop for lunch, put gas in your car, and when you pick up a gift for your sister’s birthday. As you continue to make purchases, it’s important for you to be aware of the available […]

Bank Overdraft Fees on the Rise

Hello and welcome to your money 2.0. I’m Thomas Fox, community outreach director at Cambridge Credit Counseling. At one time or another, you may have had the misfortune of overdrafting your bank account. An overdraft occurs when you make a purchase or ATM transaction, but don’t have enough money in your bank account to cover […]

Prospera Credit Union – Parents with Teenagers – Credit Unions in Appleton WI

we’ve taught our children to be smart with their money but teenagers don’t always listen.. Right Kate? What? they talked about budgeting, building good credit, all kinds of things and I even learned about a certain unpaid parking ticket Wait… What? so do your finances call go online to find out more about life stage […]

Prospera Credit Union – The Story of Jan & Kate – Wisconsin Credit Union

Hi I’m Jan Knofke. I’m Kate, I’m almost 21 finally… We are opposites. Our family has such different values with money. I know the balance of every single account retirement funds, savings, checking…. kinda thing you know or like those little check-out items that you just totally don’t need… I’m so bad with that you […]

Are credit unions better than big banks?

Ever notice how TV commercials for big banks go really hard on the shmaltz? Loving families, cute babies, sweet old retired people, micropigs on leashes. It’s almost as if they’re trying to distract us from something… Oh, you mean like how in 2016 Wells Fargo admitted to creating 3.5 million fake accounts for customers to […]