The Courage to Innovate Without Permission

You probably heard I’m an expert in Bitcoin. I want to talk about something else completely: trust. The Dunbar number is defined as the maximum number of people who can be in a community. We see this in nature among other social animals like chimpanzees, wolves, or bonobo monkeys. About 150 members of a community […]

Scammer Overdoes it Trying to sound Aussie… Replying to PM’s about Bitcoin Mining @

hello mate how are you doing mate Bitcoin mate mate so a random person sends you a private message after you’ve just posted on a crypto related subreddit should you reply to them generally not but let’s give it a go and see what happens if you have already done so hit subscribe and that […]

‘Uang’ Masa Depan: Akan Seperti Apa Nantinya?

Why do BANKS like BLOCKCHAIN? – VisualPolitik EN

Imagine this situation: you live in London and you wanna buy a house in San Francisco. The house costs 1.3 million dollars… What comes in first? Your payment or the handover of the keys? If you happen to pay first, you might fall into a scam… maybe the house doesn’t really exist or it’s not […]

Cashless Society ‘IF’ We need money?

Hello welcome to If Videos on society, politics and people We post new content every week hit that subscribe so you never miss a video again. Cash, wonger, greenbacks, denaro, wedge and Benjamin’s Money is known many names It’s something we all know about Some have too much and others too little and for some […]

KCN News: Cashless future with Scrip wallet by NDD

NewDealDesign (NDD) has presented Scrip project – luxurious sci-fi wallet for a cashless future as a provocative solution for electronic payments Scrip. According to the, aesthetic of device was inspired by shape and stamped of Japan’s Tokugawa coinage.

Mercedes Benz Stadium Goes Cashless (Street Interviews)

the mercedes-benz stadium in my hometown of Atlanta became the first Stadium in American sports to become completely cashless this means you can’t buy merchandise you can’t buy concessions you can’t buy a ticket to the game without having a debit card now there is a movement going on across the world and if you’ve […]

Sweden Cashless Society | World’s First Cashless Country

Sweden Cashless Society. Sweden is on track to become the world’s first cashless society. Caleb Wright here with the latest news report for you from What Is A Cryptocurrency dot com and the huge news today is that, for the cryptocurrency industry is that Sweden is quickly becoming a pioneer of the global economic community […]

Bitcoin experts on cryptocurrency in the Philippines, the future of cashless payments

RJ: So one of the hottest topics right now is the topic of cryptocurrency online. There are many of us here right now, including myself, who don’t really understand too much about the topic. So I said, I went online, crowdsourced probably the two biggest experts when it comes to at least cryptocurrency here in […]

What is Consensus: Rules without Rulers

Let’s start with some basic ideas. Who here knows, who is in control of Bitcoin? Who here thinks no one is in control of Bitcoin? This is the fundamental issue at the heart of many of the debates we’re having today; the debates about governance, the debates about scaling. Who is in charge? Bitcoin expresses […]