New book explores the schemes and scandals of Deutsche Bank

JUDY WOODRUFF: The fallout from the 2008 global financial crisis revealed that some of the world’s largest and most powerful banks were deeply involved in an array of risky and reckless financial dealings that helped bring down the economy. As Paul Solman tells us, Germany’s giant Deutsche Bank took a particularly aggressive tack, the consequences […]

Economy Stories – Banking on the solution side

The first thing that banks should do and, fortunately, a lot of banks are already doing is to exclude the whole coal sector or parts of the coal sector from their investment portfolio. Such investments that are having a negative impact, we call dodgy deals. In the energy sector, what we as BankTrack want to […]

Deutsche Bank Hauptstadtempfang 2019

A warm welcome to our traditional New Year Reception here in Berlin at Unter den Linden. We continue to expand here in Berlin and in the region, because we’re delighted to be here for you and want this to remain the case in future. We are a European Corporate & Investment Bank with a global […]

#PositiveImpact – Inside Story: Siemens and Deutsche Bank

Having the opportunity to work on the Siemens mega power plant financing made me extremely proud, both as an Egyptian and as a Deutsche banker. I and my family really felt the country’s need back in 2014 when these blackouts were there and affecting every single house. I’m part of the corporate banking coverage team […]

#PositiveImpact – Deutsche Bank and Babbel

Usually you see startups coming from the US to Germany or Europe. We are doing it the other way round. We want to enter the B2B market too. Our ambition is to scale up and be successful as soon as we can. There’s so much we need to know. We get great support from the […]

Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration bei der Deutschen Bank

Economy Views: Data driven banking

The ability to manage data as a discipline in a bank, everywhere, is going to be absolutely important. As a bank, we have the advantage that we have got lots of data of the market, we have got lots of data of our clients. Data driven banking for us as Deutsche Bank means that we […]

Christian Sewing: “We have cleaned up Deutsche Bank. It is now profitable again.”

Just a year ago, we were discussing right here whether, an abrupt change in management, was really a good idea. Today the consensus is happily quite clear: Christian Sewing is the right choice. Ladies and Gentlemen: we have cleaned up the bank. It is now profitable again. Your bank, Deutsche Bank, is robust, more client-centric […]