DeWALT Drill Repair – Replacing the Field (DeWALT Part # 449458-71SV)

“The field is the outer portion of your power tools motor. It works with the armature to create an eltromagnetic field which causes the armature to spin. Most problems with the field are caused by overloading the tool. When the tool is overloaded, the field windings can burn. Common symptoms of a bad field are […]

DeWALT Drill Repair – Replacing the Brush Holder (DeWALT Part # 448083-01)

“The brush holder support the motor brushes and align them with the armature. The holder is plastic with a metal sleeve. It has two tabs that align it with the tool’s housing. If the motor is overloaded, the heat can cause the plastic holder to melt or deform. Replacing the brush holder is a repair […]

Makita Drill Repair – Replacing the Yoke Unit (Makita Part # 638425-4)

“The yoke is the outer portion of your drill’s motor. It has a laminated steel case and a magnet ring inside. The yoke surrounds the armature and acts as the motor’s field. Most problems with the yoke are the result of accidental damage. If the drill takes a long fall, the magnet ring can crack. […]

How To DIY Bank Lighting For Filmmaking – Basic Filmmaker Ep 114

Makita Drill Repair – Replacing the Switch (Makita Part # 650747-2)

“The variable speed switch in your cordless tool performs a couple of functions. First, it allows you to turn the tool on and off and adjust the motor speed. Second, it allows you to change the direction the motor rotates. Over time, the switch can wear out. Either not turning on or losing its ability […]

Makita Drill Repair – Replacing the Brush Holder (Makita Part # 638494-5)

“The brush holder consists of the brush holders, the brush tension springs, the wire leads, and the plastic ring that secures it all together. Most problems with the brush holder are the result of an overloaded tool. If overloaded, the tension springs and holders can be burned. This can also cause the plastic mounting ring […]

How to make Piggy Bank Safe

The door is locked. If you enter the correct digit, it opens. Take a cardboard box and draw a rectangle on one side. This distance should be greater than this. Take a circular pen and cut a small piece. Take a bottle cap and paint it black. When the dial is on 4, the door […]


alright looks like it’s time to rob this Bank Jake Jake you have to look at your phone right now there’s a guy robbing a bank and he looks just like whoa slow down what’s what’s going on pull it up on your phone click if you’re seeing someone extremely handsome right now is live […]

How to make Piggy Bank

Have a look at this coin collection box! Cut the cardboard pieces as shown Make a flap Make the main body Arrange the pieces as shown Watch how the flipper works Make a face Have fun with this cool piggy bank Like, Share and Subscribe to DIY Ocean

HACKED!: Old laptop battery becomes a Power bank

Recently I noticed that nowadays quite a lot of people have old unused laptops laying around While the majority of its parts are hard to salvage There’s one which can easily be converted into something useful, the battery. now my laptop here Still works perfectly fine, but I found an old laptop battery with a […]