Teach English Online and Get PAID – 3 BEST Ways to get paid

so you’re looking for how to teach English online and get paid well in this video I’m going to be telling you about opportunities available for you to speak English and get paid if you’re just meeting my name is Apryll and I am an ESL teacher online so on this channel I will be […]

How Many English Teachers Abroad Kill Their Options in Business and Finance

Hey what’s up BenTeachesEnglishOverseas.com I’m here to talk to you today more about guess what teaching English overseas so I did this video last night where I was talking about how thankfully certain teachers aren’t willing to do this or won’t do this or whatever and you know I always get a little bit of […]

my epik program timeline w/ prices & dates! (teach english in korea)

hi everyone! welcome and welcome back to my channel. so today we are going to be talking about my EPIK timeline when i applied to the EPIK program. and i’m also going to talk about the cost of everything so if you are interested, then keep on watching. usually when you hear about the EPIK […]

Real English – Ordering food on the phone

Hi. I’m Rebecca from engVid. In today’s lesson, I’ll show you how to order food on the phone. Sometimes we learn how to do all kinds of other sophisticated things in a new language, but we still feel nervous when we need to do simple things. So, this is one of those things. And hopefully […]

How to read and write the date, and how NOT to!

Hi. I’m Rebecca from engVid, and I have a simple question for you today. What date is this? Look at it, and tell me what date it is. Now, you probably said one of these. You might have said: “April 3rd, 2018” or “the 4th of March, 2018”, and that’s the problem, that not everybody […]

Speak like a Manager: Verbs 2 – Opposites

Hi. I’m Rebecca from engVid, back with another “Speak Like a Manager” lesson. All of these lessons are designed to help you improve your level of business English so that you can sound more professional in the workplace. All right? Now, in this particular lesson, we’re going to focus on a very important part of […]

How to Open a Bank Account in an English Speaking Country, Plus Tips

Good day, English winners. Today we’re going to talk about opening your own bank account in an English-speaking country. So when you walk into a bank … in an English-speaking country, it should be much like other banks you’ve seen in different countries around the world: at the front of the bank – when you […]

Real English Vocabulary: At the BANK

Hi, everyone. I’m Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this lesson on “Bank Vocabulary”. Today, we’re going to talk about going to the bank, and the different things you can do, and the different verbs associated and nouns associated with this very common experience. So, first, when you enter the bank, you have to […]

Basic shopping vocabulary in English

[Singing] “Got to buy some dinner tonight.” Hi. James from EngVid. So what are we doing? We’re going to talk about shopping today. As you can see, I have to go shopping because our budget — we usually have a big magazine, and I’m down to this poor little piece of paper. But my dinner […]

Learn Real English – SHOPPING

Hello. Do you need help with your listening skills in English? I think you may do. Today, I’m going to teach you how to improve your listening skills. But it’s going to be fun because you’re going to do it when you go shopping. Who likes shopping? Good. Okay. Shopping. Wow, I’m so excited. So […]