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Unraveling the Central Banks’ Misbehavior (w/ Jim Grant & Bill Fleckenstein)

Jim Grant: Hello. I’m Jim Grant. I am with my friend, Bill Fleckenstein. And let me just say that I met Bill during the panic of 1907. And we have known each other so long, we could almost—Bill Fleckenstein: Almost finish each others’ sentences. JG: It’s true. I think, actually, we got to know each […]

How it Works: EXIM Bank Working Capital Loan Guarantee

Meet Gary Gary owns a solid, successful business Where he manufactures automobile parts Gary wants to expand his business by selling to a foreign buyer But lacks the cash flow to produce more equipment He hopes to borrow the funds to cover the costs of labor and materials needed to meet demand. So Gary goes […]

How Many English Teachers Abroad Kill Their Options in Business and Finance

Hey what’s up I’m here to talk to you today more about guess what teaching English overseas so I did this video last night where I was talking about how thankfully certain teachers aren’t willing to do this or won’t do this or whatever and you know I always get a little bit of […]

Why Does Warren Buffett Love Bank Stocks So Much?!?!

Mac Greer: Speaking of nice performers, there’s a guy named Warren Buffett who’s got a pretty good track record, is my understanding, as an investor. His company, Berkshire Hathaway, just reported its third quarter holdings. Boy, does Buffett, or someone over at Berkshire, really like banks. Guys, let me give you the ten holdings quickly. […]

🔴 The History of Italy’s Broken Banking System (w/ Steve Diggle & Grant Williams)

GRANT WILLIAMS: Italy is a spectacular country, rich in history and culture. But its economy is struggling, and its place at the heart of the European Union is under threat. Between the current populist uprising and the country’s fragile banking system, that threat suddenly looks very real. To try and get a better understanding of […]

Can You Still Hide Money in Swiss Banks?

Two of the world’s largest banks have come under scrutiny in the last few years for alleged unscrupulous business practices in Switzerland. So what shady things have these banks been accused of? And how does it affect you? Well, first of all, a Swiss banking law in 1934 made it a criminal act for banks […]

Full-Reserve Banking or the Future-Proof Bank

I am Arnaud Salomon, the CEO of Mt Pelerin and Mt Pelerin is a project to build a bank in Geneva based on blockchain where the first aspect, the crucial aspect, is to be full-reserve. So what does that mean? It means that with us your money will always remain your money we will never […]