What is a recession? | CNBC Explains

The last time there was a global recession was in the late 2000s. The scale and timing of that Great Recession, as it’s now known, varied from country to country. But on a global level, it was the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Now a decade on, some people are worried the next […]

Martin Wolf, Financial Times: Stop banks from creating money (Positive Money)

So thank you very much. It’s a pleasure to be here. I should say that, by my standards I have had an exceptionally busy day. I have finished a 17, 000 word response to Kenneth Brokovs review of my book The Prospect. Written this speech and written a column. I have never done so much […]

European Central Bank Monetary Policy – Negative Interest Rates & Quantitative Easing Very Bad News

Happy to have you here with me. Today We will be talking about the European Central Bank monetary policy what their plans are. Sit back and enjoy. The European Central Bank is relaxing its monetary policy again. At a Council meeting with far-reaching consequences, it tightened the penalty interest rates for banks and decided to […]

Do banks create money or just credit? – Banking 101 (Part 5 of 6)

Part 5: Is it really money or just credit? You might hear some people say that banks don’t create money, they just create credit. This response often comes from civil servants and people trying to deny that banks now create the nation’s entire money supply. So, let me show you why the numbers that banks […]

The EURO: origin, CRISIS and future CHALLENGES – VisualPolitik EN

With an initial exchange rate of USD 1.1789, January 1st of 1999 has gone down in history as the day the euro was born. It began to operate as an electronic currency, used in financial markets and for cashless payments. However, it wouldn’t be until three years later, that is the beginning of 2002, when […]

New Fed findings reveal troubling shortcomings at US’s big banks

Has banking culture really changed?

Ten years ago, the world was rocked by a financial crash and I was reporting from the FT newsroom. We are in a very dangerous moment right now for the financial markets. In the last decade, there has been extensive debate about how and why the crisis happened. But this film looks at a crucial […]

What’s wrong with the money multiplier? – Banking 101 (Part 2 of 6)

PART 2: WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE TEXTBOOK MULTIPLIER MODEL? We’ve seen the two main ideas that the general public have about the way banks work. Both of them are wrong. That’s not too surprising, after all, unlike the Positive Money team most people don’t spend their time obsessing about how banks work. And banking is […]

Misconceptions around Banking – Banking 101 (Part 1 of 6)

There’s a lot of confusion about how banks work and where money comes from. Very few members of the public really understand it. Economics graduates have a slightly better idea, but many university economics courses still teach a model of banking that hasn’t applied to the real world for decades. The worrying thing is that […]

What’s the difference between the IMF and the World Bank? | CNBC Explains

If you’re confused by the difference between the International Monetary Fund, the IMF, and the World Bank. Well, you’re not the only one. Famed economist John Maynard Keynes, who was a founding father of both institutions, said that he was confused just by their names. The IMF and World Bank are closely linked. So close […]