Korean smartphone makers to provide free repairs for two years starting in 2020

Korean smartphone makers have decided to extend their warranties for free repairs from one year to two years for their local customers according to reports citing industry sources that’s effective for newly bought phones starting New Year’s Day if a phone cannot be repaired then it’ll be replaced or the customer will get a refund […]

Confetti – Rob A Bank (Lyrics) [CC]

Would I be crazy if I thought the world was fake? A game of simulation aliens play from outer space The players pick their religion that’s what starts the competition Could be stupid cause’ I watch too many movies Maybe work is weighing heavy on my mind Maybe I’m just sick and tired of doing […]

One Minute Tech: A Free Basic Online Payment Or Donation Form

Hey, this is Nicole with your one-minute technology idea of the day and I want to talk to you a little bit about Inspirepay.com. So let’s say you’re a non-profit, and you don’t have a secure certificate on your website, you don’t have a way to take online donations, and you got something coming up, […]


what’s up guys welcome back to another call of duty modern warfare video and today’s video I will be showing you guys how you guys can get a free doritos watch, a free calling card and a free weapon charm within call of duty modern warfare multiplayer. So before we get started I want to […]

How to load or top up Garena shells and convert to Point Blank cash via launcher.

How to load / top up garena shells and convert to Point blank cash Log in to your Garena account click the shell icon in the upper right corner Click the shell icon to top up Click Garena Prepaid card Input your prepaid card pin Once successful you’ll see the details at the lower right […]

How to top up and convert Garena shells

How to Top up and convert Garena shells to Point blank cash Go to www.garena.ph and log in your account Click top up and anther windows will appear Choose the Shell icon The window will prompt you to input your Garena prepaid card password Click to back to home page From the Home page click […]

50 Cent – Don’t Push Me (feat. Eminem & Lloyd Banks)

[Produced by Eminem] [Verse 1: 50 Cent] I need you to pray for me and I need you to care for me and I need you to want me to win I need to know where I’m heading cause I know where I’ve been The flow is bone crushing, it’s nothing, I come up with […]

TreeStuff Black Friday Deals

My mission is simple: to save you money. I’m here to level the playing field for all of TreeStuff’s customers. There’s always a great deal somewhere on TreeStuff and I promise to help you find it. Mad Money starts now! Hey, I’m Royer, welcome to Mad Money, welcome to Tree-Merica. I’m not here just to […]