Trolls Movie Piggy Bank Game – Learn Colors and Learn Counting with Paw Patrol | Ellie Sparkles

Hi Everyone, our favorite characters from the Trolls Movie are here to play the Romeo Piggy Bank Game. In this game, the Trolls have to give Romeo money and Romeo gives us back a special surprise. We can put red money, green money blue money, or orange money into Romeo’s piggy bank and then we […]

Singaporeans Try: Guessing Slogans

♪ ♪ – Big? – Big. – Very big? – Big. ♪ Singaporeans Try Intro ♪ Hi! Hi! What are your favourite brands? I love Nike, I like Puma. Basically the brands she want to be sponsored by. I love Adidas, hello~ *Follow @alisonaliceally on Instagram~* My is all clothes so it’ll be like, […]

💲 How PUBG Earn Money from Gamers | Online Video Games कैसे पैसा कमाते है ?

Hello friends my name is Dhananjay, and welcome to today’s video. Today we will talk about the most popular video game of India,PUBG Friends, this is an online game that took the Multiplayer gaming industry to a next level. And who broke all the records of earning in the gaming world. Friends, today we will […]

Singaporeans Try: 90’s Kids Inventions

Oh! Eh! How?! How?! How?! How?! Hi guys! Hello! Hi! Can you describe yourself as a student in 3 words? Huh?! Your primary school and secondary school. Oh. Prefect. Oh my god! I also, I also, I also. Prefect, obedient and happy. Let’s just say happy. I was a happy child. Guai kia(obedient), nerdy, inconsistent. […]

Make Rs.1-5000 💰 Paytm Cash Every Hour l Best App to Earn Free PAYTM CASH,Iphone,Gifts With Mobile

ప్లీజ్ ఈ వీడియో కి లైక్ చేసి షేర్ చేయండి . మీ కామెంట్స్ కింద రాయండి ! ప్లీజ్ ఈ వీడియో కి లైక్ చేసి షేర్ చేయండి . మీ కామెంట్స్ కింద రాయండి ! ప్లీజ్ ఈ వీడియో కి లైక్ చేసి షేర్ చేయండి . మీ కామెంట్స్ కింద రాయండి ! ప్లీజ్ ఈ వీడియో కి లైక్ చేసి షేర్ చేయండి . మీ కామెంట్స్ కింద రాయండి […]

Hasbro is releasing its first completely voice-activated and cashless Monopoly

If you’re tired of holding onto all of your cash while playing Monopoly, this may be the version of the game you’ve been waiting for On Monday, July 1, Hasbro is releasing its first-ever voice-activated Monopoly where fans will be able to hear Mr Monopoly’s voice for the first time. Monopoly Voice Banking doesn’t come […]

Howto put money on the bank – GTA5 Online

Hello youtube a walk back to the second video in this series !! And today’s “Howto” will be about how to the deposit money to the bank or how to put money on the bank. So basically you can do this in 2 ways 1 is by my most favorite because you can do it […]

5 Second Rule with Elizabeth Banks

– Okay, tWitch is going to ask us each to name three things, like three peppers, and we only have five seconds to answer it and then hit this button, and it stops the clock. So we only have five seconds to name whatever three things. and I’ll start–I’ll go first, and we’ll take turns. […]

Singaporeans Try: Social Studies (NDP SPECIAL)

(Ra) Whoa! No, no, don’t jinx anything. (Joyce) We are basically the Japanese embassy. Since NDP is coming, we did a Social Studies test to find out how well Singaporeans know our history. (PD) Hi guys. Hi. – No. – It was my favorite subject in Sec 1 and Sec 2. – No… – Our […]

How to play Flip’s Star

Flip’s Star is our original fair number game with the biggest jackpot of hundreds of bitcoins, which keeps on growing with every newly sold ticket. Use your favourite numbers: date of birth, house number, lucky number, or just fill out the tickets randomly. It might be you who gets lucky to hit the winning combination! […]