Powering Commerce Online and In-Store with Google Payments (Google I/O ’17)

Singaporeans Try: Guessing Slogans

♪ TheSmartLocal.com ♪ – Big? – Big. – Very big? – Big. ♪ Singaporeans Try Intro ♪ Hi! Hi! What are your favourite brands? I love Nike, I like Puma. Basically the brands she want to be sponsored by. I love Adidas, hello~ *Follow @alisonaliceally on Instagram~* My is all clothes so it’ll be like, […]

Circular Motion – Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

Here’s our programming assignment. In class you already programmed a particle filter for a really simplistic robot that was able to measure ranges to landmarks and moved pretty much like a trashbin. Now I’d like replace it with a more interesting robot that’s more realistic. In particular, I’d like you to use a car. Here’s […]

24 Hours Using ONLY Android Pay

So Google reached out, They said that they wanted to sponsor a few episodes here on Unbox Therapy. They wanted the world to know more about Android Pay. There’s some of them out there in this lens right here. They’re still using cash lookin’ for change What do they think it is, 1914? Using nothing […]

Why Google Struggles With Hardware

Our mission is to bring a more helpful Google for you. Google’s hardware business is really confusing. It means creating products like these. They’re like history, so confusing. You can almost like put funny music to it. It considers companies like Samsung, both a partner with services like Android and a competitor with hardware like […]

Easier payments for Progressive Web Apps – Progressive Web App Training

Implementing the Web Payments API – Progressive Web App Training

Inside Baidu’s high tech headquarters in Beijing | CNBC Reports

I’ve already seen two self-driving cars. I wonder if it’ll stop. No. I’m in Beijing getting a tour of one of China’s largest tech companies, Baidu. I’m definitely holding up the line right now. Here employees can access secured areas and pay for food with their face. A cute teddy bear is telling me I’m […]

Google Play’de Para İadesi Almak (Kesin Çözüm) Önce Aldım Sonra İade Ettim %100 Çalışıyor / 2020

آبل تقول انه حان وقت العرض! فضيحة الكاميرا الأمامية للجالكسي S10! تفعلت الـ eSIM ولا لا؟

I experimented the Foldable Mate X, and Samsung’s scandal and why some are disappointed. And of course, the eSIM! Watch this episode to know more! Peace be upon you all. This is your host, Faisal Alsaif with a new episode of Science and Technology. Let’s start it with the big announcement by Apple of their […]