Private Banking Pathway

So my name is Andrew Jordan. I joined on the 2015 Private Banking Graduate scheme with RBS and in that time I’ve rotated through various departments in our private banking brands and I recently rolled off the programme to be a specialist mortgage advisor. So if I was to give a fellow graduate a reason […]

150423 – Backfire on Cashless Society

Hello, this is Scott and this is the Hyper Report. Here are quotes for various items. First… China’s Debt China’s government, corporate, and household debt load, as of mid 2014, is about $28 trillion dollars while they are trying to prop up a $10.4 trillion economy that’s decelerating. In addition, for the first time ever, […]

What’s it like being a Mastercard graduate?

My name is Shauna Naughton and I’m a software engineer on the in-control core team. So, I started off in Mastercard as an intern in 2014. I knew within a few weeks that I really wanted to come back and to continue my career as a software engineer here. I particularly enjoyed the extra activities […]