Makita Drill Repair – Replacing the Yoke Unit (Makita Part # 638425-4)

“The yoke is the outer portion of your drill’s motor. It has a laminated steel case and a magnet ring inside. The yoke surrounds the armature and acts as the motor’s field. Most problems with the yoke are the result of accidental damage. If the drill takes a long fall, the magnet ring can crack. […]

Makita Drill Repair – Replacing the Switch (Makita Part # 650747-2)

“The variable speed switch in your cordless tool performs a couple of functions. First, it allows you to turn the tool on and off and adjust the motor speed. Second, it allows you to change the direction the motor rotates. Over time, the switch can wear out. Either not turning on or losing its ability […]

WOODEN WALLET (English Subtitles)

Hello! Welcome to another DIY video! My today’s project is special by some manner. I needed a new wallet and so I decided to make a wooden one! Let’s start! I’ll need first two pieces of wood (thin boards) in the dimensions I prefer for my wallet. Then I’ll measure and cut two wooden sticks […]

Hopsin – ILL Mind of Hopsin 8