TSL Reviews: New Phone Apps To Try In 2018

Hi! Wow! Hi, I’m Fauzi. Hi, I’m Xenia. And welcome to another episode of TSL reviews! And today, we’ll be reviewing some new apps you should be trying in 2018! So Xenia, since we’re talking about apps right, what are some of your favourite apps? My favourite has to be… VSCO, great filters, I bought […]

Why Making Apple iPhones in America Is So Hard | WSJ

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Which one of these Apple gadgets is the odd one out? Did you get it? The answer is this 2013 Mac Pro. Not because it looks like a trashcan but because it’s the only one that was assembled in the USA. The others were assembled in China. Why is that important? […]

Apple Pay – How to pay with Touch ID on iPhone – Apple

♪ Music playing ♪ ♪ ♪ [APPLE PAY CHIME]

Mint Mobile review $20, 90 days of service Promo Code below

hello everyone this is Noah once again and I wanted to mention something if you have been on the fence with regards to Mint mobile here’s something that you should know and they are offering you three months of cellular service until the end of 2018 that’s how long the promo will run so they’ll […]

Bank of Scotland Mobile Banking App

The Bank of Scotland Mobile app is secure, easy to use and available anytime Once registered, your device is securely linked to your Internet Banking profile. So each time you log in we’ll only ask you for 3 characters at random from your memorable information. The app is packed with great features to help you […]

How To Get An App Store Refund On Your Mac Or iPhone

Hi, this is Gary with MacMost.com. Today let’s look at how to get an App Store refund from Apple. MacMost is brought to you thanks to a great group of supporters. Go to MacMost.com/patreon. That’s where you can read more about it. Join us and get exclusive content. So from time to time you make […]