Trolls Movie Piggy Bank Game – Learn Colors and Learn Counting with Paw Patrol | Ellie Sparkles

Hi Everyone, our favorite characters from the Trolls Movie are here to play the Romeo Piggy Bank Game. In this game, the Trolls have to give Romeo money and Romeo gives us back a special surprise. We can put red money, green money blue money, or orange money into Romeo’s piggy bank and then we […]

How to Record Spending: Transactions, Bills & Payments | QuickBooks Online 2018 Tutorial

When it comes to recording your expenses, QuickBooks can handle a lot of your transactions. But there are still some things that need to be manually entered by you. Any time you spend money with a credit card, debit card, EFT, ACH, wire transfer, or bank charges. In fact, anything that’s not a check, you […]

#PositiveImpact – Deutsche Bank and Babbel

Usually you see startups coming from the US to Germany or Europe. We are doing it the other way round. We want to enter the B2B market too. Our ambition is to scale up and be successful as soon as we can. There’s so much we need to know. We get great support from the […]

How to set up Clever Kash | ASB

Clever Kash isn’t just an adorable and innovative moneybox he’s easy to set up, too. So let’s get started. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your phone’s settings. Then log in to your ASB Mobile app. Tap on the main menu in the top left corner and select ‘Clever Kash’. Then tap ‘Set up […]

Hefty Tax Refunds for Parents and Students

Hello, and welcome to Your Money 2.0. I’m Thomas Fox, Community Outreach Director of Cambridge Credit Counseling. If you’re the parent of a college student, or a student yourself, there are some fantastic tax breaks you need to be aware of. However, before we go any further, I want to establish that the following information […]

What does overdraft mean?

What does overdraft mean? overdraft. Noun 1. (uncountable) ; The act of overdrawing a bank account. 2. (countable) ; The amount overdrawn. For example, I have an overdraft of �1234. 3. (countable) ; The maximum amount that may be overdrawn. For example, The bank have given me an overdraft of $2000.

How to Record a Sales Receipt | QuickBooks Online Tutorial 2018

If a customer pays you for their purchase right away, such as at a retail location or a restaurant, you need to record your sale with a sales receipt. To enter a sales receipt, open the Create menu, and then underneath Customers, select Sales Receipt. The very first thing that a sales receipt asks you […]

How I used credit cards to build my credit rating – Professor Savings

Hi! Blair with Professor Savings here, with tips on using credit cards to build a credit rating. Usually, credit cards are approved for the people who have good to excellent credit rating. If you want a high rating, you’ll need to take these steps first: 1. Save money to pay off loan installments on time. […]

Best Starter Credit Cards – Professor Savings

Hi! Blair with Professor Savings here, with tips on the best starter credit cards. Secured credit cards are the best starter credit cards in the market. And there are plenty of reasons why. Here are a few: 1. A cash advance is given by the borrower. They effectively borrow money against themselves. 2. These cards […]