SUTD Ministerial Forum 2018

Professor Chong Tow Chong, President of SUTD, members of the SUTD Board of Trustees, distinguished guests, Professors, students, ladies and gentlemen. Very happy to be back here again. The last time I was last here was in 2015 to open SUTD. Now, three years later, I’m glad to be back to speak to the SUTD […]

Q9: On incentivising the push for a cashless society (SUTD Ministerial Forum 2018)

Actually some of the systems are on very low transaction fees, even almost zero, because they are trying to get people onto the system. It has not yet caught on in a big way. Transaction costs are something we have to watch, because if it actually costs a lot of money to operate the cashless […]

The Cashless Fight List

No no no Everyone has been telling me that Between one to ten I’ll rate myself as six I think six for me as well I think I need to demote myself to a four Uber and Grab are cashless but you can actually also pay cash. It’s actually an app la Now it’s correct […]