Trolls Movie Piggy Bank Game – Learn Colors and Learn Counting with Paw Patrol | Ellie Sparkles

Hi Everyone, our favorite characters from the Trolls Movie are here to play the Romeo Piggy Bank Game. In this game, the Trolls have to give Romeo money and Romeo gives us back a special surprise. We can put red money, green money blue money, or orange money into Romeo’s piggy bank and then we […]


okay listen guys today I’m gonna steal my mom credits car so we can buy some stuff online alright be quiet okay let’s go to her other room where she’s not sleeping today okay let’s see all right just some stuff cabinets and some cabinet again just some travel bag okay we check this later […]


Yo Whats Up Guys, Chris Ramsey here. And today, we’re gonna go rob some banks! (Money Crinkling) Woo! Let’s go let’s go let’s go! Hey, how’s it going? Dude just give me one sec, Ok? WOO! *Chuckles* GO. WOW! Hey Dude hows it going? uh….Can I see a hat up there? (Mind Blown!) Can I […]

James Barker Band – Keep It Simple

Announcer: Please welcome James Barker Band! (Crowd screams) ♪♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪♪ ♪ Got some cash in my pocket ♪ ♪ We could hit the town and drop it ♪ ♪ Girl, here comes another Friday night ♪ ♪♪♪♪♪ ♪ There’s a bar on every block ♪ ♪ And it’s only 10 o’clock ♪ ♪ Yeah, they’re […]

Bar customer gives ‘homeless’ man his BANK CARD so he can have £20 – Daily News

Heart-warming footage shows a ‘homeless man’ returning a bank card to a customer sitting outside a bar – after the Samaritan gave him his PIN and told him to withdraw £20 for himself  The clip begins with a view of a man sitting at an outside table at Harry’s Bar and Restaurant, on Grey Street, […]

買比特幣簡易過程【實用工具介紹系列】HK BITCOIN ATM

好熱啊出邊 今日我會嚟呢度食嘢 順便上去睇下比特幣ATM機又沒有開 這裏有些夾娃娃機喎, 不過得幾部機 夾這些毛公仔不適合我 我一般都會過來荃灣這個T Mall廣場 月供我的比特幣基金 MPF強積金一定要供 到了就在這裏 好了,循例月供我啲強積金了 大家不要學我啊 我們是超有信心才會做月供的 首先取出手機 打開自己的手機錢包 我都一般用Blockchain網上錢包 其實什麼錢包都可以的 看看現在比特幣價格 一般情況下當你買完之後就會跌價 習慣了,現在是美元7300多 先睇一下自己錢包 最緊要睇清楚不要按錯 看清楚是BTC不要開啟了BCH 找一下接收的按鈕 一般在右下角箭嘴向下的位置 按一下QR 條碼出現了, 放在這裏掃一掃它 然後可以放現金進去了, 你想入多少就入多少啦 我今次月供1000元(最少100元) 我一般都入很少錢會分段入 先500… 再入500 1000完成了 如果OK就按下Send Coin按鈕 那我的手機就會嘟一聲接收了 這樣我就收到比特幣了 0.001588… 已經到賬了 循例上都會拍照一張作為記錄 這個動作我都做過很多次了 今次帶埋360相機拍比大家看 記錄了 其實如果用Blockchain錢包已經有記錄了 隨時隨地也可以追蹤自己的交易 完成了。一般買了明天就會跌價哈哈 現在是兌換62400港幣 明天應該會少一點哈 一般都是這樣買了就會跌哈 真的習慣了 是這樣的,買下又跌買下又跌 跌跌下又大升就是這樣囉 […]

House Party: Stealing a Credit Card – PART 12 – Game Grumps

Arin: Aww dood, I’d give my left nut to have a night with her Danny: Great A: Dood I’d give my dude dude dude I’d dude my dude dude dude dude *Arin and Dan laughing* D: Hello, and welcome back to Game Grumps, House Party: The Never-ending Quest to Embarrass Ourselves A: How’s it goin’- […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops – U.S.S.D