EMV Chip Technology

technology is constantly changing we see this with our phone our cars our appliances and even our homes now is the time for our cards to get smarter welcome to the world of EMB also known as Europe a MasterCard Visa commonly known as chip cards were smart card EMB is bringing enhanced security to […]


Billy Crudup Witnessed a Massive Sea Storm and Lived to Film It

🤬C6 Bank é do BTG? Cartão de crédito é melhor que Nubank e Banco Inter?😬💰

How to get a FREE Master Card – Virtual Debit card by FreeCharge / Yes Bank without any Bank Account

hello friends I what is it today I am going to show you how to create a free MasterCard which you can use for any kind of online transactions even if you do not have any bank accounts you can load money in this account and use it anywhere you want so let’s start first […]

Mastercard Innovation Forum 2019 Paris

The Mastercard Innovation Forum in Paris was launched 4 years ago It’s a worldwide event with a yearly occurrence We invite about a dozen external and internal speakers who come to share their vision, their challenges in a world that is more and more transformed and digitalized This Forum gathers 450 people throughout the day, […]

How to be a good IT leader today

Kush Saxena: I think good judgment, and I say that because technology is evolving at a pace faster than any of us can deal with or absorb individually. And so I think the perspective that a single person will be an expert, and a true deep practitioner and expert in any single technological issue is […]