PDCflow | Accept Online Payments

PDCflow provides simple, efficient, and secure online payments for your business. With PDCflow’s online payment portal, take payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And it’s included free in the PDCflow payment management system that gives you the freedom to customize it with your branding and corporate identity. And it’s mobile optimized which […]

Western Union U.S Mobile Bill Payments

As the world becomes more mobile consumers are demanding more mobile payment options. Sending them bill notifications on their phone just isn’t enough anymore. They want the power to pay those bills from anywhere and from any device. Well, with Western Union Bill Payments you can now give them that power. That’s right by partnering […]

Reducing the friction of online payments – Peter O’Shaughnessy | Render Conf 2018

Hi, RenderConf. Yes, so this talk is about how we make money online. And it’s about how the web is evolving to make online payments easier, both for us as web developers, but, more importantly, for our customers. It’s about why I think this is actually important for the web as whole. Revenue is the […]

China Travel Guide 2020 | Payment Methods in China | Tips by Local

still pay with cash with the two giant company thriving, Tencent and Alibaba China has been driven into a wallet-free society these years. Just with one smartphone everyone can survive 24 hours a day however credit cards are not so welcomed by most merchants in China especially from the international issuers. While the cash is […]

PayPal GoPay: Foreign Online Payment System In China

PayPal lately completed its acquisition of a 70% equity stake in GoPay, setting up PayPal, the first global payment program to offer online payment services in China. The operation was validated by the People’s Bank of China on September 30 and has now closed. Before heading to the details, if you are visiting this channel […]

Is the future of money cashless?

Digital innovations in the payment industry started over 15, 16 years ago. It started mainly with the mobile phone makers starting to figure out whether phones can be used as wallets, and making payments. Through our research, we started to track how those changes were happening, based on the NFC technology, the near-field communications technology. […]

Payments 101: Seamless Online Checkout

Payments 101: Seamless Online Checkouts Paying online can be difficult The forms are too long The right payment methods aren’t offered Or it takes too long to load Create a customized experience with Adyen On any device So every shopper leaves happy Get the Adyen payments guide

Prepaid Financial Services prepares for IPO, predicts mobile future | European CEO

European CEO: Prepaid Financial Services is one of Europe’s fastest-growing fintech companies. Founded around a kitchen table in 2008, the business has specialised in prepaid cards and payment technology. From its first contract for 5,000 cards, today the business has issued over 6.5 million cards across 25 countries, and is gearing up for its IPO. […]

Mobile Payments: The Good, the Bad, and the Confusing

Smart phones can be used for all kinds of things these days… OK we get it…and increasingly more people are using their phones as a mobile wallet You can pay for parking… donate to a worthy cause… or split the bill with a friend. Most mobile transactions work just fine, but with technology constantly evolving […]

Make in India – MasterCard

This is the Make in India moment. All of us whether you’re at MasterCard or you’re in India, we share a common goal. And that is we are trying to lift our people and society to completely new levels by empowering economic participation, opportunity, and advancement. And that shared vision is MasterCard’s Make in India […]