Who Owns Your Banking Data?

New technology is changing the banking world one transaction at a time. Fintech or financial technology is giving more opportunities to change the way consumers interact with their money. The new landscape has created a movement called open banking, which is fighting for banks and fintech companies to be a bit more transparent with their […]

Demonetization: Final Analysis by Dhruv Rathee | Biggest loss of Money Ever?

Greetings, Friends! The government had been counting notes for several months post demonetization Now finally they have revealed data which says that 99% of the demonetized currency is back in the banks What does this mean with regard to the viewpoint of black money, I would like to tell you all And finally, in this […]

Does The Cash Envelope System Work? Dave Ramsey budgeting system

Another Pro is I don’t know. I don’t have any other pros to be honest with you My final thoughts is that the cash envelopes system and I have a little bit of beef going on right now not because it stole My ex-girlfriend or anything. We just have not gotten along in the past […]

Martin Wolf, Financial Times: Stop banks from creating money (Positive Money)

So thank you very much. It’s a pleasure to be here. I should say that, by my standards I have had an exceptionally busy day. I have finished a 17, 000 word response to Kenneth Brokovs review of my book The Prospect. Written this speech and written a column. I have never done so much […]

Money as a System-of-Control

The topic of today’s talk is an interesting property of money that I want to explore with you. I am calling this [talk], “Inside Out: [Money as a System of Control].” Who here wants to tell me what the four primary functions of money are? Anybody? [AUDIENCE] Value exchange? [ANDREAS] Medium of exchange, that is […]

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💲 How PUBG Earn Money from Gamers | Online Video Games कैसे पैसा कमाते है ?

Hello friends my name is Dhananjay, and welcome to today’s video. Today we will talk about the most popular video game of India,PUBG Friends, this is an online game that took the Multiplayer gaming industry to a next level. And who broke all the records of earning in the gaming world. Friends, today we will […]