Opening and Hunting a 10 year old Bank Sealed Penny Box!

I’m gonna preface this video with what kind of box did I just get?? Hey everyone it’s Rob with Rob finds treasure and we’re gonna be doing a penny hunt today and I’m a little excited and apprehensive about this box at the same time first of all I haven’t seen a box like this […]

YES bank share analysis in detail | Stock analysis

Hi friends Today we are going to talk about YES bank. When its shares were priced 300 rupees, you, I and a lot of other investors bought its shares. Then we believed that Yes bank is one of the fastest growing banks. But now the price has dropped to 80. We are worried about what […]

You can get $2 bills at the bank – here’s proof! from The Two Dollar Bill Documentary

“He says Steve’s the man I said I am the mark!” We’re going in here? How are ya? Hi. Good morning. Come to get some twos. You got any two dollar bills? Yes I do. Can I get like, 100 of them? I’m sorry maybe 50 of them? I have $200 worth. You want 50 […]

Double Your Tax Refund

– If you’re looking to get the most out of your RRSP contribution this tax season, there is a way to essentially double your tax savings from the same RRSP contribution. And this is through a labor sponsored fund. I’m gonna give you an example. If you were to take $5,000 and invest into a […]

Checking and Savings 101 – (Bank Accounts 1/2)

Meet Carlos. Carlos is a rising freshman at State University. Carlos will be arriving on campus in a month, and has quite a list of things he needs to buy: books, laundry baskets, food, and so on. Sadly for Carlos, those items also require money, so he’ll need to open a bank account that he […]