Paid Post: From Garbage to Gold: Tales of the e-waste pioneers

In 2018 we produced 50m tonnes of electronic waste globally, a figure that’s set to soar.. There are around 25-50 billion internet-connected devices on the planet today amounting to several devices per person.  The amount of raw materials needed to create enough devices to fulfil demand is set to double over the next four decades. Extracting these materials […]

Who Owns Your Banking Data?

New technology is changing the banking world one transaction at a time. Fintech or financial technology is giving more opportunities to change the way consumers interact with their money. The new landscape has created a movement called open banking, which is fighting for banks and fintech companies to be a bit more transparent with their […]

World Bank projects global growth of 2.5% in 2020

falling the weakest growth last year since the 2008-2009 global financial crisis the World Bank says the global economy is poised for a modest rebound this year but that it will still be fragile and vulnerable to uncertainties our Kim Hanul reports the World Bank forecasts global economic growth to hits 2.5 percent this year […]

Bank of Korea to monitor financial markets on U.S.-Iran standoff

South Korea’s central bank says there’s a possibility of increased volatility in the local financial and foreign exchange market due to the US Iran standoff after meeting today to gauge the impact the Middle East tensions could have on local markets the Bank of Korea said it will be monitoring the situation around the clock […]

China’s New Surveillance Tech Monitors Workers’ Brainwaves

It’s safe to say that our private information isn’t private anymore. New technologies are collecting data to be sold or shared between companies… in sometimes questionable ways. Y’all really think that Black Mirror isn’t gonna happen? Well, it’s not GOING to happen. It’s already happening. Let’s start in China, where employers are monitoring their employees’ […]