PDCflow | Accept Online Payments

PDCflow provides simple, efficient, and secure online payments for your business. With PDCflow’s online payment portal, take payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And it’s included free in the PDCflow payment management system that gives you the freedom to customize it with your branding and corporate identity. And it’s mobile optimized which […]

Online Payments Made Easy with Hnry

My name’s Grace and I’m a freelance graphic designer. I use Hnry’s online payment feature because it’s just another option for my clients to pay me. The benefit of that is I get paid a lot quicker, compared to the old school way of invoicing. And it’s been really good because I have a few […]

Reducing the friction of online payments – Peter O’Shaughnessy | Render Conf 2018

Hi, RenderConf. Yes, so this talk is about how we make money online. And it’s about how the web is evolving to make online payments easier, both for us as web developers, but, more importantly, for our customers. It’s about why I think this is actually important for the web as whole. Revenue is the […]

Can Your Customers Pay Online???

[Crickets chirping] [Cell phone alarm rings] [A man sighs] [Alarm stops] [♪Upbeat music starts♪] [Sizzling noises, coffee brewing] Woman: “Lewis, finish up your milk.” Woman: “Honey, did you pay the water bill?” Man: “Yeah, of course I did.” [Car door opens, repetitive beeping, door closes] [Key turns in ignition and engine roars] [New music begins […]

How To Accept Payments Online

James Schramko here. I’m here with my friend, John Lint, from 10XPRO.io. Hey, John! Hey, everybody! We’re going to be talking about something that I found incredibly difficult when I started online. And that is, how to accept payments from your online business. John, I can’t tell you how hard this was. In fact, when […]

Website Compliance Requirements for Merchants | Online Payments

Whether you like it or not, running an online business is going require you to do some compliance paperwork. Would you rather have a long, lengthy compliance process or minimize it as much as possible. Check out the video today to learn how to have a smooth process with your website compliance. So, let’s go […]

The Cashless World | World Finance Council | Umair Hameed | KPMG | Fintech Dubai

so one thing I won’t do as a consultant is to bore you it’s light so I have no slides actually to share I’ll probably take 10-12 minutes to share some thoughts and then I think we’ll have some questions as part of the panel so again my name is Umair Hameed need financial services […]

Campus West and RollerCity – The Online Payment Process and Order Confirmation Emails.mp4

After you’ve clicked the‘Submit’ button, you will be taken to our secure payment page. You are advised not to do anything like refreshing the page or clicking the back button of your internet browser. On the payment page, fill in your card details, the 16 digit card number and the expiry date. In the card […]

Google Pay API Implementation Demo (Web)

Here is how you can integrate Google Pay for your e-commerce website in four simple steps: Load the Google Pay API JavaScript library; determine readiness to pay; add the Google Pay button; create aPaymentDataRequestobject. ♪ (music) ♪ First, you add the script tag to your site. As soon as the script is loaded, you will […]