PCSE Online Ophthalmic Payment Service

I’m Stewart Mitchell. I’ve been an optometrist for over 30 years. we’ve been using PCSE Online for approximately three months. The setup’s easy. We’ve gone down the route of using a touchscreen laptop. I didn’t buy new, it was relatively inexpensive. It works for us The software is actually very easy to use. All the […]

PDCflow | Accept Online Payments

PDCflow provides simple, efficient, and secure online payments for your business. With PDCflow’s online payment portal, take payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And it’s included free in the PDCflow payment management system that gives you the freedom to customize it with your branding and corporate identity. And it’s mobile optimized which […]

Sign up for eBilling to pay your City West Water bill

This is Kate. Kate is happy because she has joined City West Water’s e-Billing service. Kate doesn’t have to worry about paper bills filling up space on her fridge. Or their impact on the environment. Instead, Kate’s quarterly bill is delivered straight to her inbox. where she can access it 24 hours a day. and […]

Online Payments Made Easy with Hnry

My name’s Grace and I’m a freelance graphic designer. I use Hnry’s online payment feature because it’s just another option for my clients to pay me. The benefit of that is I get paid a lot quicker, compared to the old school way of invoicing. And it’s been really good because I have a few […]

Website Compliance Requirements for Merchants | Online Payments

Whether you like it or not, running an online business is going require you to do some compliance paperwork. Would you rather have a long, lengthy compliance process or minimize it as much as possible. Check out the video today to learn how to have a smooth process with your website compliance. So, let’s go […]

Online school payments: how to register

This video demonstrates how to register and access new login for the Aberdeenshire Council online school payment system. This new procedure was introduced in December 2015. This is for both of those who are new to online school payments and those who registered before December and will take about five minutes. To start, go to […]

Change it up: Pay your taxes online

Hi, I’m Brian. I’m a taxpayer just like you. People tell me I’m kind of an old-school type of guy. And when it came to paying my taxes, I liked the peace of mind of writing a cheque, tucking it into an envelope and mailing it off. But that all changed when I found out […]

Payment Options – Pay In Full Online

“Payment Options” “Pay In Full Online” If you’re joining us from the “Registering For Courses” video, you should currently be on the “Payment Options” screen. Once again, review the amount due and the date and time, your payment arrangement must be completed to ensure that your requested courses are not removed. To pay your entire […]

Google I/O 2011: Introducing In-App Payments for the Web

AMIT FULAY: Good afternoon, and welcome to the session. I hope a lot of you got a chance to see the keynote in the morning where we announced this product. And I’m really excited you could be here as we take a deeper dive into what we’ve built. Some housekeeping details before we get started. […]