How to Make $25 Per Day with One App 2019

hey what’s going on YouTube it’s John here with non stop affiliate and in this video I’m gonna show you how you can start earning up to twenty-five dollars per day with one single app now if this is your first time here I wanted to quickly take a second to invite you to subscribe […]

PayPal GoPay: Foreign Online Payment System In China

PayPal lately completed its acquisition of a 70% equity stake in GoPay, setting up PayPal, the first global payment program to offer online payment services in China. The operation was validated by the People’s Bank of China on September 30 and has now closed. Before heading to the details, if you are visiting this channel […]

? A.M. Tech Talk 3/16 All about accepting payments online. Grow your E-commerce business!

hey good morning it’s Sara from Close to the Earth IT services and today I’m going to talk about accepting online online payments so it’s pretty cool there are a lot of resources you probably would have heard of such as PayPal and hey I’m just making sure that everything’s dialed in on the live […]

Google Pay API Implementation Demo (Web)

Here is how you can integrate Google Pay for your e-commerce website in four simple steps: Load the Google Pay API JavaScript library; determine readiness to pay; add the Google Pay button; create aPaymentDataRequestobject. ♪ (music) ♪ First, you add the script tag to your site. As soon as the script is loaded, you will […]

Do We Still Need Cash? – Consequences of a Cashless Economy

Why these banknotes could be worthless in a few years, who profits from banning cash, how credit cards are used to fight crime and why everyone’s privacy is at risk because of it. All industrialized countries today have several cashless payment options available. From paying by swiping a credit card in the supermarket to clicking […]

Membership site with online payment integration for PayPal and Stripe

– Hey, everybody, Shiv Narayanan here, membership educator here at Wild Apricot, and today’s question is, you remember in the old days when you actually were afraid to pull out your credit card to buy something online? Well, things have changed a lot. In the last year, about 205 million unique shoppers pull out their […]

Demystifying Online Payments – What happens when you make an online purchase and what can go wrong?

party starter feeding therapist always sleep hey there everyone Hitesh here, back again with another video and in this video we are talking about payments and how the payment works in the online world now as a developer most of the time you interact with a payment system just to integrate it in an e-commerce […]