Private Banking Pathway

So my name is Andrew Jordan. I joined on the 2015 Private Banking Graduate scheme with RBS and in that time I’ve rotated through various departments in our private banking brands and I recently rolled off the programme to be a specialist mortgage advisor. So if I was to give a fellow graduate a reason […]

CMB: Future of industry is combining investment banking and private banking | World Finance

World Finance: Francesco Grosoli is CEO of Compagnie Monégasque de Banque, World Finance’s Best Private Bank in Monaco for 2019. Francesco, how does CMB set itself apart in such a highly competitive market? Francesco Grosoli: Before talking about CMB, I think it’s important we talk about the Monaco marketplace – and how Monaco in the […]

Infinite Banking Concept: Privatized Banking is the Peanut Butter to Your Cashflow Sandwich

Deutsche Bank Wealth Management NextGen Innovation Summit 2019

I’m delighted that our fourth Innovation Summit has attracted clients from all over the world who have come to be with us in San Franscisco and the Bay Area to explore themes around the intersection of technology, innovation, sustainability and the use of capital to make the world a better place for tomorrow. The people […]

FirstBank Private Banking: Our clients are keeping us on our toes | World Finance

World Finance: Idowu Thompson is Group Head of Private Banking for FirstBank of Nigeria. FBN’s 125 year heritage in Nigeria, and growing international network, gives the private banking division a strong foundation to provide best-in-class, bespoke services to its high net worth clients. Idowu – who are your clients, and how do you work to […]

Is this the UK's Most Exclusive Credit Card? Coutts Silk Card

hey credit Warriors credit stripper here and today we are going to be looking at what might be the most prestigious credit card in the UK okay and by extension that would actually be one of the most prestigious in the whole world now that is the Cootes silk card so actually a viewer of […]