Should Government Bail Out Big Banks?

In 2008, America experienced the biggest meltdown of its financial sector since the Great Depression. The conventional wisdom is that this failure and subsequent government rescue, commonly known as “the bailout” was brought about by three decades of bank de-regulation. There were a lot of causes for the meltdown, but deregulation wasn’t one of them. […]

What is a recession? | CNBC Explains

The last time there was a global recession was in the late 2000s. The scale and timing of that Great Recession, as it’s now known, varied from country to country. But on a global level, it was the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Now a decade on, some people are worried the next […]

Unraveling the Central Banks’ Misbehavior (w/ Jim Grant & Bill Fleckenstein)

Jim Grant: Hello. I’m Jim Grant. I am with my friend, Bill Fleckenstein. And let me just say that I met Bill during the panic of 1907. And we have known each other so long, we could almost—Bill Fleckenstein: Almost finish each others’ sentences. JG: It’s true. I think, actually, we got to know each […]

? The History of Italy’s Broken Banking System (w/ Steve Diggle & Grant Williams)

GRANT WILLIAMS: Italy is a spectacular country, rich in history and culture. But its economy is struggling, and its place at the heart of the European Union is under threat. Between the current populist uprising and the country’s fragile banking system, that threat suddenly looks very real. To try and get a better understanding of […]

How did banks get “too big to fail”?

JPMorgan Chase … maybe you’ve heard of it? If it was a country, it would have the Bigger than Brazil. Bigger than the Canada. Bigger than Russia. Hi. I’m Justin Johnson from Attapulgus, GA and I’ve always wondered The five biggest banks in the U.S. hold almost half the assets of the country’s entire banking […]

Will Central Bank Liquidity Be the Next Recession Catalyst? (w/ Danielle DiMartino Booth)

DANIELLE DIMARTINO BOOTH: Hello, I am Danielle DiMartino Booth. Happy to be back on Real Vision. Since the last time I was on, I have founded a new company called Quill Intelligence. We produce a daily newsletter called The Daily Feather and it’s already garnered a cult following. Rolled out right after Memorial Day, and […]

The Central Banks’ Monetary Policy Is Backfiring (w/ Simon White)

SIMON WHITE: My name is Simon White. I’m co-founder of Variant Perception which is a macro-economic research company. Our aim is to look for leading economic relationships so that we can find actionable trading ideas. Really what we’re trying to get away from is a Guru approach to economic research so we’re very data driven, […]

When the Central Banks and Their Monetary Policy Aren’t Enough (w/ Christophe Ollari)

CHRISTOPHE OLLARI: I’m Christophe Ollari and I designed a few years ago a global macro, multi-currency, multi-asset research, and this after roughly 20 years of trading in banks and hedge fund. I think that just even before I’m looking at the details of the ECB package, I think what is very important, it’s a year […]

? The Myth of the Infallible Central Bank (w/ David Levine) | Stock Trade Ideas

Oh Welcome to trade ideas. I’m Alex Rosenberg here with David Levine founder of Odin River and also someone know you as the paranoid bull Thank you all for joining us here at real vision great to be back So helped us make sense of these markets here because with so many, you know As […]

Power of Banks vs Democracy

Whenever there’s a big decision to make about the future of the UK, the news cameras will be focused on the people in Parliament. But here’s a question for you; what if those news cameras are pointing the wrong way? Do politicians really have that much power these days? And if they don’t, who’s making the decision that […]