Pocket Vault Hidden Travel Belt Wallet RFID Blocker

Hi, It’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV with a quick look at an inexpensive, and ingenious little item every cruiser might want to consider. It’s something called the Pocket Vault, and it seems to us to be one of the most secure methods for keeping your money, credit cards and travel doc’s safe. I’ve had first hand […]

✓Top 7 Awesome Wallets You Can Buy Online 💵 Subtitulado 🌏 New World HD

we set out to create the sexiest easiest to use minimalist wallet in the whole world and I think we’ve done just that but it’s time to find out for yourself the Micra wallet was conceived as a joint appreciation of minimalist design as we grew frustrated with traditional leather wallets only lasting several months […]

MrBitcoin’s Subdermal Bitcoin Wallet DEMO

The chip in my left hand is where I store my Bitcoins To make a Bitcoin payment I need to scan the NFC chip first. My phone has just read my chip and asks me to select the Bitcoin wallet to use. In this case we select Mycelium Wallet. The Bitcoin wallet asks for the […]

SECRID Card protector | RFID Safe Credit Card Holder!

In this video I review the Secrid Cardprotector a Red Dot design award winner The Secrid Cardprotector with RFID card protection is manufactured in the Netherlands, Holland You can choose 11 different colors Secrid describe this one as red although I’d describe it as a brushed metallic red the Card Protector features as the core […]

Carbon Fantom ‘R’ Wallet 2019 Review +5 Best New features!

Today the Fantom R wallet reveal. You saw it here first. Newly launched on Kickstarter I bring you a hands-on review of the all-new Fantom R wallet. Your everyday carry wallet for 2019. and I detail five new upgrades. Around a year ago I reviewed the original and very popular Fantom wallet. Many regarded this […]

NEW KeySmart Urban Slim Wallet 2019 | RFID Wallet Under $40

all the way from Chicago a keySmart Urban Slim Wallet. This one’s kind of special. In this detailed review I’ll show you how you’ll never lose this wallet, and how you’re completely protected from digital theft. And we test it’s performance material properties. On the front some unique functions of the wallet. I’ll talk you […]

Ultimate Fantom Wallet 2017 | World’s Best ultra slim fan out wallet

hello products are shown in no particular order to know more link in the description below sit back and enjoy Fantom Wallet The Quick Access Slim Wallet Fan out your cards with a simple flick Fantom Wallet will hold your cards coins, keys, cash, and more The ergonomic thumb lever is designed for one-handed operation. […]

Purfit Design Slim Wallet Review – Simple Minimalist Genuine Leather Wallet

Hey it’s Bey, and today I’m going to be reviewing the Purfit Design Slim Wallet. This is a very simple but functional wallet that currently goes for about 20 dollars on Amazon. I’ll put a link in the description if you’re interested. Before we get started with the review, I want to first thank everyone […]

2 Best VEGAN Wallets | Cruelty Free Cork Wallet | Eco Friendly

In this video tech and natural materials combined to make a great non animal vegan wallet Today, I’ve got two 100% animal-free PETA approved vegan wallets, both of a slim wallet or minimalist wallet design These are designed, handmade in house, from locally sourced materials and shipped worldwide from Corkor in Portugal who sent me […]