Why I Still Carry Cash in a Cashless Society | Style Your Life

what’s up yours truly once again Michael Ferrera with another style your life and this one is, Wow! Off top not planned in just a moment that I had when I was working downtown LA and I thought to share, and you know, somebody will get it but really just a reminder as to why […]

HOT NEWS !!! Samsung Pay Gets Cashback Feature In The US

Samsung has announced a new cashback feature for its Samsung pay mobile payment system in the US the new feature will offer cash back on purchases of some deals in the US and these deals will be listed directly in the app these new features are only being released in the US at the moment […]

Samsung S10 Crypto Wallet Confirmed, these are the features

Hello Cryptogang, welcome to another Lambo Life video. I’m your host, Evan, and today we will be talking about Samsung’s upcoming flagship product, the Galaxy S10 smartphone. The news about Samsung adding native crypto wallets in their phone has garnered a lot of hype from the crypto community. Some folks on twitter are now saying […]

Ridgewood Savings Bank Mobile Wallet Samsung Pay

Want an easier way to pay? It’s a snap with your Mobile Wallet and Ridgewood debit card. Your Mobile Wallet makes everyday purchases faster and more secure – no card required. It’s easy to add your card to your Samsung device. Simply open the Samsung Pay app and tap the “Add Card” symbol. Verify your […]

Why contactless cards haven’t caught on in the U.S. | CNBC Reports

When I moved to the U.K. from the U.S. one of the first things I noticed is differences in how people pay. Here, all the time, it’s just tap and go. From a coffee, on the train, even at the gift shop! Come back to the U.S. and it’s the good, old-fashioned chip and sign. […]

Clover Mini: Say Hello | Gravity Payments offers Clover Point-of-Sale | Clover Station Mobile Flex

running a business is about so much more than taking payments meet clover mini the compact point-of-sale system that can handle whatever job you throw its way accept more payment types quickly and easily including contactless and chip cards clover mini connects with clover station and many other terminals to make it work best for […]

Target will start using Apple Pay

Chaplain) “Remind each Senator of the words of Jesus of Nazareth in Luke 17, those who work, deserve their pay.” (track 4) THE CBS NEWS POLL SHOWS 6PERCENT OF REPUBLICANS SAY PRESIDENT TRUMP SHOULD NOT SIGN ANY

How to use your Wells Fargo card with your preferred mobile wallet

START CARD How to use your mobile wallet [Music playing] [Disclosure: screen images simulated]>>CASHIER: Here’s your small coffee, that’ll be $2.49.>>HAYDEN: Thanks!>>CASHIER: Perfect, thanks!>>HAYDEN: See ya!>>RORY: Excuse me… Hi, what was that? That was so quick.>>HAYDEN: Huh?>>RORY: What you just did… what was that?>>HAYDEN: Oh, you mean this?>>RORY:Yeah, that!>>HAYDEN: That is a convenient way to […]

Chase Pay | How to Set-up & Use Chase’s Mobile Payment Platform

Hi there, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute. In this video, we’re exploring Chase Pay — a new service from Chase Bank that lets you pay online and in stores without your credit card in hand. (light chiming music) In a previous video, we reviewed the second quarter rotating bonus categories for the Chase Freedom and […]