The Courage to Innovate Without Permission

You probably heard I’m an expert in Bitcoin. I want to talk about something else completely: trust. The Dunbar number is defined as the maximum number of people who can be in a community. We see this in nature among other social animals like chimpanzees, wolves, or bonobo monkeys. About 150 members of a community […]

Scammer Overdoes it Trying to sound Aussie… Replying to PM’s about Bitcoin Mining @

hello mate how are you doing mate Bitcoin mate mate so a random person sends you a private message after you’ve just posted on a crypto related subreddit should you reply to them generally not but let’s give it a go and see what happens if you have already done so hit subscribe and that […]

The Cash Cycle in Germany: How does cash come into circulation?

New technologies are changing the way we pay for products and services. Today, we use cash, credit and debit cards, e-payment schemes and soon maybe also digital wallets on our smartphones. However, cash is still the most popular means of payment in Germany; but there is a growing chorus of voices predicting radical change: That […]

What is Consensus: Rules without Rulers

Let’s start with some basic ideas. Who here knows, who is in control of Bitcoin? Who here thinks no one is in control of Bitcoin? This is the fundamental issue at the heart of many of the debates we’re having today; the debates about governance, the debates about scaling. Who is in charge? Bitcoin expresses […]

Bitcoin Q&A: From barter to abstract money

[AUDIENCE] I have a two-part question. Both are related to social norms. Before digital currency and before centrally control currencies, people [would] barter, still even today. I see that Bitcoin will perhaps promote more of that barter of services, in exchange for bitcoin. That is one question: is this really nothing but to promote more […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Borderless money

[AUDIENCE] Hi, good morning Andreas. I am enjoying your talk very much. I have a skeptical question. As you can hear, I’m from Europe, where we still trust our government. [Laughter] [ANDREAS] I’m Greek originally. I would put a question mark next to that, but… [Laughter] [AUDIENCE] Well, I’m from the Netherlands, so we still […]

Bitcoin Security: Bubble Boy and the Sewer Rat

Hey everyone, welcome! Are we having fun at DevCore? [Applause] This is so amazing. One of the things I love about this space is that I just keep learning. Every single day, I learn something new about Bitcoin. At least once a week, my mind is blown. I had that experience again today, listening to […]

Top Secret CIA Bank Robbing Operation

we have this really amazing story ad that was reported by business week and it has to do with um… and lucrative deal or offer that uh… one young person that received when he was in virginia sound percent or as was told by one of his good friends after the past that he had […]