Top Secret CIA Bank Robbing Operation

we have this really amazing story ad that was reported by business week and it has to do with um… and lucrative deal or offer that uh… one young person that received when he was in virginia sound percent or as was told by one of his good friends after the past that he had […]

IBM Z for banking and finance | Establish trust at the core of your business

(mid-tempo electric guitar music) – [Bob] Banks today, they are reevaluating their operating models and business processes to become more agile, more efficient, and more cost-effective. And at the same time they’re doing this, their customers are demanding highly personalized experiences. Banks are also challenged with an increasingly sophisticated set of security threats. 92% of […]

The new $20 polymer bank note

Vimy Ridge… France… Easter Monday, 1917. After tireless preparation, against incredible odds, over a hundred thousand Canadian soldiers launched a massive attack. They surged from the trenches, dugouts and tunnels, capturing a formidable German position. But success came at a high cost-ten thousand Canadians lay dead or wounded. Today, the Canadian National Vimy Memorial stands […]

Refund as a service – CyberInt (11-26-19)

– [Narrator] Black Friday is almost upon us. In the maelstrom of online shopping that’ll happen on that day, as well as on Cyber Monday that follows, retailers and their cybersecurity teams will be on high alert. But one thing they might need help with is refund as a service. Daniela Perlmutter, VP of marketing […]

Escaping the Global Banking Cartel

What do you call it when a bunch of companies collude to set prices, fix markets, close off competition, capture regulators, and bribe politicians? [AUDIENCE shouting answers] We call it a “cartel,” right? Like the oil cartel. You have heard of that term before, “cartel”? Who here has heard of the term ‘banking cartel’? [Laughter] […]

Discover the Bank of England Museum

See money come to life at the Bank of England museum and discover the history of the Bank, its buildings, architecture and the people who have shaped it over more than three hundred years Learn about the history of paper money. Discover the penalty for banknote forgery in the 19th Century and explore the security […]

N26 – The Mobile Bank is now in the UK!

N26 is The Mobile Bank, letting you control your financial life entirely on your phone, organize your money with Spaces and reach your goals faster. You get a free MasterCard that’s transparent and minimalist, just like our fees. Use that card and you’ll get instant notifications for instant peace of mind. Did we say free […]