SUTD Ministerial Forum 2018

Professor Chong Tow Chong, President of SUTD, members of the SUTD Board of Trustees, distinguished guests, Professors, students, ladies and gentlemen. Very happy to be back here again. The last time I was last here was in 2015 to open SUTD. Now, three years later, I’m glad to be back to speak to the SUTD […]

Singaporeans Try: Guessing Slogans

♪ ♪ – Big? – Big. – Very big? – Big. ♪ Singaporeans Try Intro ♪ Hi! Hi! What are your favourite brands? I love Nike, I like Puma. Basically the brands she want to be sponsored by. I love Adidas, hello~ *Follow @alisonaliceally on Instagram~* My is all clothes so it’ll be like, […]

Singaporeans Try: Basic Skills

It looks like a face, that’s my emotion now. Hi guys! Hi! What are some day-to-day skills you think everyone should know? I can order caifan. That’s not a skill! Sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, washing dishes, folding clothes! Fixing the lightbulb! A lot of people don’t know how to tie a tie, for […]


Like, I will tired. I think I got something in my eye. Got pangsai. Okay, clear already? PD: There’s a black thing. I don’t know whether it’s… No, no… That one is his natural dent. PD: Oh, I knew that… Oh my god! Now I’m so self-conscious! Eat then hot, then you “ahh”, then you […]

TSL Reviews: Temporary Hair Dyes!

Confession, I love the smell of hydrogen peroxide. Hi, I’m Alison. Hi, I’m Nicole. And this is, TSL Reviews! And today, we will be reviewing temporary hair dyes. So, Nicole, have you ever used temporary hair dyes before? I use the directions, La Riche ones, the ones that come in a pot. You can get […]

TSL Plays: Carnival Games

– Right right right right! – Left left left left! – Left left up up up! Push Brenda away! – Turn right turn right turn right! Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays and today we will be competing in a series of carnival games relating to recycle right! And the 3 steps […]

Why real estate investors are flocking to Singapore | CNBC Reports

For the last decade, Singapore’s property market has attracted numerous foreign investors, including notable names like inventor James Dyson, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, and actors Jet Li and Jackie Chan. And now, one report has named Singapore the top real estate investment prospect in Asia Pacific. So what makes this city-state, which is smaller than […]

TSL Reviews: GOSSO NOSE HAIR WAX KIT + Mini Giveaway!

Hi, I’m Fauzi. Hi, I’m Chris and this is TSL Reviews! So, in this episode we are gonna be waxing our nose hairs! So Chris, since now you know what we’re doing . First question, do you groom yourself? Yes, I cut my hair every two months. Thats it? Ya. I cut my hair once […]

TSL Reviews: New Phone Apps To Try In 2018

Hi! Wow! Hi, I’m Fauzi. Hi, I’m Xenia. And welcome to another episode of TSL reviews! And today, we’ll be reviewing some new apps you should be trying in 2018! So Xenia, since we’re talking about apps right, what are some of your favourite apps? My favourite has to be… VSCO, great filters, I bought […]

Singaporeans Try: Going Vegan For An Entire Week

Don’t do it! Do it! Hi! What’s your current diet like now? Wah, my diet is damn bad. I have very sporadic dance practices at night, right? So, I’m always constantly eating food at random hours. I try to eat clean for lunches but on weekends and for dinners, I just eat whatever I want. […]