The Joy Of A Dad

Can I have a latte, please? I’ll change him. How’s it going, man? I’m in a little bit of a pickle. I really need your advice. I told you, you just got to walk her more often and get her a kennel to sleep in. I’m talking about my girlfriend. Uh, I was answering a […]

Studio Apartment of Great Shame

Yeah, but the thing is it was laced with ecstasy so, we were just… I… oh my god it was like… You’re so funny. That was a crazy night. I had such a nice time tonight. You know, as big as this city is it can be difficult meeting other expats that are as sweet […]

Matt Gets Fired

Boss, 老板 your two o’clock is here. 你两点约的人已经来了 Just give me a sec! 等我下 Okay, send them in. 好了 让他进来吧 Alright, mate. 你好啊 Ni hao! 你好 Uh.. 呃 Jor.. Jorg… Jor.. Jor.. Matt. My name’s Matt. 我的名字叫Matt. I could have sworn it was Jorge. 我还认为你是Jorge We’ve worked together for years. 我们一起工作很多年了 I feel like I’d […]

20 Years A Delivery Guy

It’s been said before that not all heroes wear capes. 大家都知道 并非所有英雄都披着斗篷 The hero of this story just so happens to wear 这个故事的英雄恰好穿着 orange and black 橙色和黑色 wears a helmet 戴头盔 and drives an e-bike. 并驾驶电动车 I’m talking of course about the waimai guy of China. 我所说的正是中国的外卖小哥 What’s a “waimai guy” you ask? 你可能会问什么是外卖小哥 Well, […]

Bank Robbery Gone Wrong (ft. Amanda Cerny, Inanna Sarkis, Sofie Dossi & Andrea Russett)

Alright girls, let’s go over the plan one more time. First, Sofie will drive us to the bank and wait outside until the job is done. She’s the wheels. Inanna will patch into the camera feed and let us know our potential blind spots. She’s our hacker. Andrea will enter and neutralize all potential threats. […]

SML Movie: Jeffy’s Home Alone!

(Jeffy) Hey daddy what doing? Jeffy, what is that? ME Uh! x1 Jeffy… Uh! x2 Wha-what is that? (JEFFY) It’s a voice changer, Daddy. See? Watch. Uh! x3 Hey, Daddy. I stuck my finger in my butt. “Ahh!” You don’t know who’s talking now. Who am I, Daddy? Uh! x4 Jeffy, just p-p– Jeffy, put […]

The New Credit Card For Buying Ironic Junk

– I know this hoverboard’s stupid, but I also think it’s funny to own it. That’s why I’m paying for it with my Irony Card. The Irony Card is for crap you don’t sincerely want, but you spend money on it anyway, like temporary tattoos, a made for TV movie on DVD, and sushi from […]


– Yo! I can’t believe after 13 years, we finally beat Halo II! – I know, man. The hardest game of all time. – Yo, it was, right? – What should we do to celebrate? – Yo, let’s go to the mall and get some bubble tea! – Yes, I love bubbles! – Let’s do […]

TWO MONEY (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 173)

would is that not success you want I used to add committee and hey Phoebe a compound Jana that's where she's DS in that compound are you serious yes now so she stays around this place of course this girl she's very very smart and very very smart forget that sin see all those things […]


see we believe I know ya HGTV's what's up its me funnel down okay I get it Chuck what are you doing neighbor neighbor listen no dude we gotta tell them Sean and I use the name you always tricking me listen we gotta hurry up before fdtv buddy get to appreciate you guys remember […]