#PositiveImpact – Inside Story: Siemens and Deutsche Bank

Having the opportunity to work on the Siemens mega power plant financing made me extremely proud, both as an Egyptian and as a Deutsche banker. I and my family really felt the country’s need back in 2014 when these blackouts were there and affecting every single house. I’m part of the corporate banking coverage team […]

#PositiveImpact – PADI and Deutsche Bank

PADI got started over 50 years ago by two friends who wanted to develop a system for anyone to learn how to scuba dive. We’re training divers to be comfortable and confident, enabling their adventure and exploration. And as they develop an emotional connection with the ocean, look after it for the long run. A […]

How Plastic Bank uses blockchain on LinuxONE to alleviate poverty

Plastic Bank is a platform for the world to gather together to alleviate ocean plastic and poverty to create an opportunity for the poor to use plastic as money to deposit it at one of our centers – either take cash or exchange it for the things that they need, keep some of it in […]

Deutsche Bank Wealth Management NextGen Innovation Summit 2019

I’m delighted that our fourth Innovation Summit has attracted clients from all over the world who have come to be with us in San Franscisco and the Bay Area to explore themes around the intersection of technology, innovation, sustainability and the use of capital to make the world a better place for tomorrow. The people […]

How To Break The Power of Materialism

Thank you Lynn Stroy for sharing her story. I wanna welcome you guys this weekend. Josh Surratt, I serve as a lead pastor. We’re glad you guys are here with us this weekend. Definitely wanna say hey to those of you who are watching online or those of you at our campuses this weekend, we’re […]

The Plastic Bank

Haiti is special in a way that’s… It’s a beautiful country. There is a lot of pollution, but the people, they’re happy, they’re friendly. They’re willing to do something. They only need a little step up… to be able to resolve this big problem that they have. While windsurfing for the Olympics I saw the […]

Before you leave home remember: Bag, Wallet, Keys and Phone

(MAN YELLS) Finally! On November 1, lightweight plastic bags are being banned! So, remember before you leave home… (TO ‘HEADS, SHOULDERS, KNEES & TOES’) # Bag, wallet, keys and phone # Keys and phone # Bag, wallet, keys and phone # Keys and phone # So, don’t forget… #

Bag, wallet, keys and phone

Hi. My name’s Sam Simmons. And I’m on a mission to make sure Victorians never forget a shopping bag again. Remember, bag, wallet, keys and phone. Is that right? Two, three, four. ♪ Bag, wallet, keys and phone ♪ Keys and phone! ♪ Bag, wallet, keys and phone Keys and phone! ♪ So don’t forget […]

How to End Information Inequality and Bring Data ‘Have-Nots’ into the Formal Economy

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello. I’m Scott Beardsley. Here today with Shamina Singh, President of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, which works to advance sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion around the world. Shamina, welcome. Thank you. She has also led Government and Public Affairs at Nike. And in 2015 was appointed by President Obama to […]