Online Payments Made Easy with Hnry

My name’s Grace and I’m a freelance graphic designer. I use Hnry’s online payment feature because it’s just another option for my clients to pay me. The benefit of that is I get paid a lot quicker, compared to the old school way of invoicing. And it’s been really good because I have a few […]

How do I enter Restricted Stock Units (RSU) sales in TurboTax Online? – TurboTax Support Video

Restricted Stock Units or RSUs are offered as compensation in the form of company stock. When you receive RSUs, you don’t actually own the shares until they vest or are available to sell. And when they do, they’re considered income. A portion of shares are withheld to pay income tax and the remaining amount goes […]

Automatic Payment Plan – Update Your Email Online

Starting February 13, 2018 Virginia Tax will no longer mail payment reminders to taxpayers with automatic payment plans. if you want to receive payment reminders by email go to to access your payment plan online. Click on the blue login button in the upper right section of our homepage. There you’ll see a drop-down […]

TCSLC Online Payments Video

You can conveniently pay for several services online through the St. Lucie County Tax Collector website. Simply visit…there you’ll be able to choose from real estate and personal property taxes, hunting and fishing licenses, tourist development taxes, auto registration and business tax receipts. Just click on the applicable tab and follow the easy interface […]

TurboTax 2020 Commercial “How We Do Things” (Official :30) TV Ad

Technology does great things for people. Like make us feel better. It gives us a helping hand when all we have are feet. Technology can make our beds, without us. Go on technology, set the mood. We even have CPAs at our fingertips who will review our taxes with us before we file. I’ve checked […]

Using Electronic Payment for Federal Taxes

This is Portia Bingham. I’m talking with David Alito about the easiest way to pay small business federal taxes. David, how do you recommend small businesses pay their taxes? Timely, of course! But the best method to pay federal taxes is the same as the preferred method to file taxes and that’s electronically. How can […]

3 years of Modi Government Analysis | Exposed by Dhruv Rathee

Hello Friends ! Modi Government is about to complete 3 years. I am making this video to know what they have done, what changes have occurred, what improved has been done in these 3 years And you also come to know about it. This paid and venal media will only show you useless surveys which […]

Supreme Court Rules States Can Require Shoppers To Pay Online Sales Tax | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Do We Still Need Cash? – Consequences of a Cashless Economy

Why these banknotes could be worthless in a few years, who profits from banning cash, how credit cards are used to fight crime and why everyone’s privacy is at risk because of it. All industrialized countries today have several cashless payment options available. From paying by swiping a credit card in the supermarket to clicking […]