Can You Spend Crypto Anywhere? | EP#205

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we’re going to be talking about crypto Visa prepaid cards and these are awesome awesome cards these are solutions now that you can spend your crypto in Canada I’m not actually showing you the full card because it’s got my information and the CVC and everything that obviously […]

iTunes App Store Refund Tips – App Special – Frackulous 100

One of the excellent things about the Android platform is the ability to get a no quibble refund if you delete the app you’ve downloaded within 24 hours. There’s nothing quite as simple for iTunes apps, but the folks at phones review dot co dot uk have alerted us to an alternative process, if you’re […]

The Plastic Bank

Haiti is special in a way that’s… It’s a beautiful country. There is a lot of pollution, but the people, they’re happy, they’re friendly. They’re willing to do something. They only need a little step up… to be able to resolve this big problem that they have. While windsurfing for the Olympics I saw the […]

Demo: IBM Big Data and Analytics at work in Banking

banks face many challenges as they strive to return to pre-2008 profit margins these challenges include reduced interest rates instability in financial markets tighter regulations and lower performing assets. Fortunately banks taking advantage of big data and analytics can generate new revenue streams with personalized offers targeted cross-sell and improved customer service big data and […]

Bank Reconciliation Process – Manual & Automated

welcome to technofunc functional capsules. These capsules provide introduction to a business process area and help you build process expertise in the topic the topic but this lesson and introduction to bank reconciliation process this topic not only discusses the meaning of Bagley conciliation process but also discusses how this process is handled in New […]

Forget 5G. Founder wants Boost Mobile back to keep prices for budget customers low – Tech News

Why Shouldn’t I Rob A Bank?

Hey I’m Christian. Welcome to BrainStuff, we’ve all seen bank robberies in movies like point break or heat and I’ll admit I’ve got a little bit of an addiction to the video game Payday 2. Moral quandaries aside though, bank robberies have often been romanticized throughout history especially during times of economic instability. So it’s […]

Meet the Robot Lawyer Fighting Fines, Fees, and Red Tape

I like to think that as the world’s first robot lawyer, DoNotPay will have succeeded if the word ‘lawyer’ is completely removed from the dictionary for average people. Joshua Browder is trying to upend the legal services industry. His company, DoNotPay, has built an AI-powered chatbot that interviews users about their legal problems in plain […]

Charlie’s Angels Director Elizabeth Banks: Men Need to Go See Movies Starring Women | Fast Company

– [Stephanie] So what was the spin you wanted to put on it for 2019? – [Elizabeth] You know– – [Stephanie] Well obviously there was the core, the roots of it– – [Elizabeth] Yeah – [Stephanie] The sort of feminine– – [Elizabeth] The DNA as I like to call it, yeah. – Right, but what […]

Accounting Fundamentals | Adjusting Entries – Part 1 of 4: Prepaid Expenses

Mark Farber: Hi, I’m Mark Farber and this is Accounting Fundamentals, in our last video we talked about the difference between cash accounting and accrual accounting. Prior to that we’ve looked at a whole bunch of different transactions that a company does, generally on a day to day basis, so selling revenue gets recorded at […]