The VERY BEST bank account for living or traveling abroad!

[Laughter] That guy thinks I’m really weird. Schwaaab! Bad life decisions. So what are the important details that you need to know? Well, I’ve heard quite a few people say no one ever gets that exchange rate unless they’re like an investment bank on Wall Street. But. Hey Tangerineys! We are fulfilling a video request […]

How to Start Your Life in Canada: Banks, Apartments, Phone, Jobs – Complete Guide for Newcomers

So you’ve finally, after weeks and weeks maybe months of planning and hard work, you’ve stepped foot in Canada, visa in hand and the whole country at your fingertips. You’ve made it. You’ve moved here. Now what?.. That was me 15 months ago and now I’m here to help you make those crucial first steps […]

Paying and desserts in Korean restaurants

How to Get Tax Refund in just a minute!

Hey Mates, Lots of working holiday makers are worried about the tax refund. They are not sure if they can get it back after a year. I was one of those guys last year. In this video, i am going to show you how the tax refund was filled in. But it doesn’t apply to […]

Hit by the Lowcostholidays collapse? Your right to a refund explained

Hi, I’m Martin Lewis of and I’m afraid many of you have been getting in touch with me due to the collapse of Low Cost Holidays. There are 137,000 people in the UK affected, 27,000 people already on holiday, 110,000 with bookings and this is a really difficult and tricky situation. What I want […]

Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds

The art of a good travel itinerary comes from planning and preparation and at CheapOair, we do our best to provide you with an easy to use, step by step booking system. However, every now and again, changes occur and these can be the source of great frustration and heartache if you are not prepared, […]

The Vueling Airlines Saga-A Refund,a CEO, and a €500 Comp.

Have you ever had a flight cancelled and not gotten your money back? I’m going to show you guys all a method I learned the hard way in order to get some compensation. What’s going on guys? I’ve been doing some digging and i’ve determined that my most popular blog post ever about how I […]

PASMO card Online order & refund balance service