Makita Drill Repair – Replacing the Yoke Unit (Makita Part # 638425-4)

“The yoke is the outer portion of your drill’s motor. It has a laminated steel case and a magnet ring inside. The yoke surrounds the armature and acts as the motor’s field. Most problems with the yoke are the result of accidental damage. If the drill takes a long fall, the magnet ring can crack. […]

Makita Drill Repair – Replacing the Switch (Makita Part # 650747-2)

“The variable speed switch in your cordless tool performs a couple of functions. First, it allows you to turn the tool on and off and adjust the motor speed. Second, it allows you to change the direction the motor rotates. Over time, the switch can wear out. Either not turning on or losing its ability […]

Makita Drill Repair – Replacing the Brush Holder (Makita Part # 638494-5)

“The brush holder consists of the brush holders, the brush tension springs, the wire leads, and the plastic ring that secures it all together. Most problems with the brush holder are the result of an overloaded tool. If overloaded, the tension springs and holders can be burned. This can also cause the plastic mounting ring […]

Quick windows fix if blocks aren’t syncing or stuck in Daedalus

welcome everyone today I wanted to talk about a quick fix for those of you that are having trouble with your Daedalus as far as syncing blocks so if you have a if your Daedalus wallet when you’re opening it, it’s stuck on a percentage if it’s stuck on 98 percent, or it’s stuck at […]

FAST and EASY: Withdraw Grin from any Exchange

Welcome, welcome to One Minute Crypto! I’m your host, Chronos, and today we are going to walk through exactly how to withdraw Grin from an exchange into your wallet. Grin is a scalable, privacy-focused blockchain. It’s a thing of beauty, but it’s not always easy to get set up, because transactions are interactive, which means […]

TokenPay l Zero TokenPay showing in Wallet troubleshoot fix

hello everyone it’s Ruben here and today I’m going to help some people who have the issues with 0 TokenPay showing in your wallet so there is a fix for this and in order to do this we have to navigate to our wallets so going to open the TokenPay.exe always run as an administrator […]

iPhone 5/6/6s: No Service or Constantly Searching – 9 Possible Fixes!!

okay this goes for all I phones five six as well as success and of course the plus versions as well basically you have an issue where you're getting no service up here or maybe it's constantly searching I'm gonna give you guys several steps what you can do right now to get your phone […]

How to Test a Relay that Does Not Have Pin Numbers or a Diagram

so in this video I'm going to show you how to test a relay that doesn't have a diagram on it like if you look at this Toyota relay here there's no wiring diagram on the on the back and it also doesn't have the pin numbers that you would normally see on a lot […]