BEST FRIEND CHALLENGE (ft. RiceGum, FaZe Banks, Chantel Jeffries)

Alright guys, Violet here back at it again! -CJ the DJ Let’s get…(inaudible) -21 Savage…(inaudible) So, we had a huge argument like who’s the better best friends Faze: wich is obviously us! Violet and Chantel: No no / Are you sure about that? we live together, do you guys? *screaming* We did for a while! […]

How to Start Your Life in Canada: Banks, Apartments, Phone, Jobs – Complete Guide for Newcomers

So you’ve finally, after weeks and weeks maybe months of planning and hard work, you’ve stepped foot in Canada, visa in hand and the whole country at your fingertips. You’ve made it. You’ve moved here. Now what?.. That was me 15 months ago and now I’m here to help you make those crucial first steps […]


okay lets go and disturb the sleepy heads hmm sexy boy (mate what you doing? im sleeping) are you being over smart? don’t be over smart, time to vlog what the… oh my god, my friend its broken as you guys know that I’m gonna be blogging quite a bit now and my tripod is […]

CUPCAKE ATM FAIL IN TEXAS? | Music Countdown Vlog Day #5

hey guys it’s Brooklyn from Brooklyn and Bailey and today is the beginning of our blog countdown to the release of what we’re made of our third single that’s dropping on July 13th you guys that are super excited here you guys can pre-order the songs by hitting the information button right up there or […]

No money on ATM. What can I buy with $1 in china? (En CC/한글자막)

It is problem Bank machine is empty. And there is no other bank I can take money. Now I have only one dollar. Let’s see what I can buy with one dollar. ????? (guessing..) Hanguo (Korea) Hanguo (Korea) ????? ????? (Guessing…) Tourist This is 3 Yuan. Less than 40 cents. It is my dinner. Okay, […]

Visit Russia – The DON’Ts of Visiting Russia

Hey there fellow travelers, Mark here with Wolters World and today we’re at the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and today what we have for you are some of the “don’ts” about visiting Russia and before I get in my list of the “don’ts” one thing you really have to say is don’t prejudge Russia. […]

Amazon Basics 8 Sheet Cross Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder – Review

what we do here is go back back back back back are you tired of tearing paper tired of cutting credit cards with scissors paranoid that someone’s gonna steal your information really that was those supposed to be paranoid like we’re not we’re not paying this guy right I mean for that though you oh […]


hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I thought I would vlog a little bit not too much going on today just the normal summer day today routine so I thought I'd take you along for the day I just got ready the kids are getting dressed right now my dad and I […]

Using Prep – Using Prep To Prevent Hiv Atlanta